CSG International: Accelerating Business – Anywhere

Over 500 communication service providers worldwide trust our proven revenue and customer management solutions to streamline operations and maximize profitability.

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CSG processes more than 21 billion usage events each day for our ten largest clients.

With over 200 global installations, CSG Total Service Mediation is one of the most trusted offline and online mediation solutions in the world.

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CSG by the Numbers

  • 500+ clients worldwide powered by CSG
  • 48 Million cable and DBS subscribers supported by CSG in North America
  • 65 leading carriers in Asia Pacific that depend on CSG
  • 780 million statements produced by CSG annually
  • 90 European CSPs that rely on CSG
  • $50k average dollars saved for every field technician that uses CSG Workforce Express
  • 90k call center reps that use CSG to deliver outstanding service
  • 48 Latin American operators powered by CSG
  • 200 Total Service Mediation clients
  • 9 million subscribers using CSG’s Precision eCare
  • 185k work orders completed daily via CSG’s Workforce Express
  • $4 million saved by a North American cable provider using CSG’s automated appointment notification solution
  • 8 trillion records CSG mediates for its largest clients annually
  • 30 million real time Singleview transactions for one client in a day