Beware of employment scams, which may include:

  • Job offers made via text message
  • Job offers made via email for a job for which you never applied
  • Job offers coming from, or similar email addresses, as opposed to for example, (note that has only ONE letter i; sometimes scammers try variations)
  • Poorly worded or unprofessional offer letters
  • Offers promising a very high hourly rate that sound too good to be true
  • Online interviews over Google Hangouts or Skype with no voice or video
  • Requests for banking information
  • Requests to cash or deposit a check for the purpose of purchasing equipment


Apply for position at

CSG emails application submission confirmation

Resume reviewed and sorted by recruiter

If interested, recruiter will contact applicant directly

1 - 3 interviews with various hiring managers

Recruiter will contact to extend an offer or not

Background Checks are completed for all future employees

New hire orientation is conducted

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