Innovative solutions for the utilities market.

The utility industry is a complex business environment with some very specific challenges that are rapidly growing in magnitude, thanks in part due to technology innovation. But technology is not such a bad thing, particularly if you harness it to address the new demands on your business, such as evolving business models, regulatory changes, dynamic pricing and better managing customer expectations.

With decades of experience, CSG has delivered leading utility-specific solutions—including advanced bill presentment options—enabling your business to effectively communicate with your customers. Whether by leveraging our preference management or multi-channel communications tools for staying in touch, customer self-service IVR applications to present options for an agent-handled call or personalized SmartVideo support business scenarios, our solutions are available in the cloud for you to optimize your customers’ experience seamlessly. See Utilities client list.

CSG also brings to bear its expertise in delivering data management solutions to a variety of vertical industries, the business of which—like the modern utility—is typified by high-volume, complex data flows and disparate systems. But the much-vaunted breakthroughs—whether they are a fully realized smart grid or simply delivering a great customer experience—can’t happen if information is still locked away in silos or is not passed in a timely manner, in the right format, to the right systems.

Operational Data Management solves utilities’ greatest challenge: the need to extract and group large data sets from the power grid and communications network into verifiable, reliable and relevant information that satisfies the requirements of their disparate—both new and established—systems With access to insights from all these data streams, utilities can achieve the necessary breakthroughs—for the brand and the balance sheet—promised by the digital era.

Read more about how the CSG Operational Data Management solution can help you meet the challenges of scale, security, and speed.

Customer Engagement Solutions

Customer engagement, establishing a dialog with your customers, is more important than ever. You interact with your customers to bill them, to offer additional solutions/services, notify them of outages, energy efficiency and demand response programs. We can improve the effectiveness of these customer interactions using multi-channel communication capabilities, consisting of printed and electronic statements, web, automated voice technology, email, and text/SMS messages.

Now you can automate, consolidate and manage your multi-channel communications, using a unified interface with our Customer Communication Center, consisting of the following modules:

  • Customer Profile. Stores customer communication preferences, premise information and energy usage characteristics (owns electric car, pool, spa, etc.)
  • CSG Event Management. Correlates disparate data and applies utility policy and customer preference applying business rules to send proactive, interactive customer communications.
  • CSG Interaction Tracking. Collects all customer communications, regardless of channel, in an easy to access user interface. Know with whom you've communicated, for which reasons and using which channels.

Let us help you design a solution to solve your business needs using our expansive solution and service portfolio.