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2013 Asia Telecommunications Market Survey – Key Findings Report

CSG International’s 2013 Asian Telecommunications Market Survey evaluates CSPs’ investment plans relating to emerging technologies, perspectives
on critical regulatory issues, and opinions regarding landscape-changing industry trends. The survey gathered detailed responses from panelists representing 84 different CSPs across 19 countries spanning the Asian continent.

The survey addressed eight of the major points of interest facing Communications Service Providers CSPs and their management in today’s market. The questions are listed below.

1) How would you describe your level of investment in the area of “Big Data” analysis?

2) There is a lot of hype about SaaS and the benefits gained from outsourcing OSS/BSS. Is this an area you are considering for your business?

3) In your opinion, should the likes of Skype and Google Talk be allowed to introduce direct operator billing?

4) Do you believe carriers should be able to charge their customers extra fees to use VoIP apps?

5) In your opinion, should roaming fees between ASEAN countries be removed?

6) What level of importance does your organization place on international voice traffic fraud (known as “carrier bypass”)? What level of revenue loss do you estimate this causes?

7) In your opinion, should all mobile operators be free to introduce “mobile wallet” technology offerings to their customers without regulation?

8) What are the three most important priorities for your wholesale business in 2013?

The collective responses to these questions were thorough, varied and often polarizing. Download the survey now for the findings and analysis.