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Capturing the Enterprise Market: Profit Potential in Personalization

CSPs have long sought to serve the enterprise market with bespoke offerings tailored to the precise needs of large corporate customers. Now, with its Information Communication Technology (ICT) spend growing, the SMB market is proving increasingly attractive to CSPs keen to avoid the intense price pressures of consumer segments. But just because they are small, it doesn’t mean that they fit into neat homogeneous categories of needs. Each small business has its own unique needs – and they are business needs, not technological ones – and the CSP that can meet these needs as closely as possible will be the one that wins and retains the SMB’s loyalty.

The provision of personalized packages, presented simply and clearly for a non‐technical audience, is no easy task. Behind the scenes, the business support systems (BSS) must have fundamental capabilities to deliver the products and services in a tailored way. Many CSPs provide personalization for their large enterprise customers, but have found it challenging for their smaller business customers.

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