Case Studies

CSG Intermediate: Vivo Case Study

When Vivo launched in 2003, it had 17 million subscribers and was billed as South America’s largest mobile operator. Now owned wholly by Spain’s Telefónica, Vivo was originally the joint venture of Portugal Telecom and Telefónica Móviles and under this brand combined the operations of six of Brazil’s leading operators: Telesp Cellular, Tele Centro Oeste, Tele Sudeste Celular Participações, Tele Leste Celular Participações and Celular CRT Participações. During the period of preparation for its debut, Vivo looked for a mediation provider who would bring the expertise needed to integrate the various operating units. Looking for a provider who would be part of the Vivo team and collaborate with them for this new venture, Vivo chose CSG to provide mediation and interconnection services.

Learn how CSG Intermediate helped Vivo generate operational savings through innovative technology.

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