CSG Singleview Integrated Charging & Policy: Interactive Service Monetization and Control

Operators worldwide are under pressure to provide rapid service and profitability while maintaining expensive network upgrades to accommodate for the surge of demand for internet services.

Operators have a number of options to address these challenges:

  • Segment access plans to target a broader addressable market, where customer willingness to spend matches usage needs.
  • Redefine mobile customer experience when interacting with OTT services.
  • Offer richer network-enhanced communication services that integrate with internet applications to compete with OTT services.
  • Offer consumers universal access by employing the most cost-effective and app-efficient networks in the background.
  • Become part of the highly innovative digital services revenue chain.

Download our Integrated Charging and Policy brochure to see how our subscriber-focused policy and charging control capabilities can help you tap into new revenue opportunities.

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