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CSG Singleview Policy Management: Enabling Control and Service Differentiation Across All Your Network Assets

CSG Single view Policy Management delivers policy rules in real‐time to multiple network, application and service delivery platforms. It is strategically aligned with LTE/EPC and 4G services while also supporting existing 3G and fixed packet data services and networks. It delivers competitive, profitable and experience‐rich data services, not just network management objectives. Capabilities can be adopted in modular form to suit different ecosystems and existing investments.

It is a key module in CSG’s comprehensive Singleview convergent charging, billing and revenue management solution, providing a complete 3GPP Policy and Charging Control (PCC) system. Singleview Policy Management responds to an extensive and extendable set of subscriber activity triggers, driving a range of operator definable actions—letting you differentiate your service offers while boosting customer experience through various touch point actions.

A brief overview of Singleview Policy Management – its benefits and features.

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