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Delivering a differentiated customer experience in the home

When it comes to technicians visiting a customers’ home, cable and satellite service providers must perfect the science of blending the right technology with an in-person experience.

But with all of the technologies available and individual consumer preferences vastly different, what is the formula for the perfect blend?

Through an independent survey of U.S. consumers, CSG International asked cable and satellite service subscribers for the answer. And, while consumers say that innovative technologies should play an important role in how they are supported, there’s something else just as important: authentic and meaningful human interactions.

When it comes to in-home support, CSG’s survey reveals three key opportunities for service providers to find the perfect blend between innovative new technologies and good old fashioned communications:

  • Consumers of communication services are ready for an “Uber-like” customer experience.
  • Consumers want to be more empowered and in control—and some are even willing to pay for it.
  • Consistent and proactive communication is a differentiator, whether it’s in-person or through technology.

So, what do cable and satellite providers need to do to perfect their customer experience formulas?  
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