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CSG International Briefing Paper Intelligent Routing

Globally communications service providers are in the process of transforming their business, some to be more agile in hyper-competitive markets and others to become significant players in the digital and content market. Regardless, all these strategies require a focus on driving cost out of the business, both in terms of network, IT and operational efficiencies.

To support these strategies many are looking to deploy IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) networks to streamline the network architecture for the future, whilst deploying new digital services based on IMS, like VoLTE and HD Voice, to complement over the top voice and messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp and Skype.

Intelligent Routing is vital in two areas for the successful commercialization of next generation services, including IMS:

  • Intelligent Routing shields charging and policy systems from the complexities of network evolutions, new services can be brought to market more quickly
  • Mobile operators are striving to establish roaming and wholesale agreements for services like VoLTE, Intelligent Routing is essential to expose real-time network and charging capabilities so that services can be securely and accurately billed for with partners.

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