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CSG International Briefing Paper Intelligent Routing

Communications service providers strive to be more agile, and many want to participate in the digital economy. Both goals require CSPs to eliminate complexity from core processes, reduce costs to the business and increase operational efficiencies.

To support these strategies, many CSPs plan to deploy IMS networks to streamline the network architecture for their future business requirements. They also want to deploy new digital services based on IMS, like VoLTE and HD Voice, to compete with over-the-top voice and messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Skype.

Intelligent Routing is a critical component of successful long-term IMS implementations. As a mediation function, Intelligent Routing offers intelligent processing, flexibility and responsiveness. Intelligent Routing also shields charging and policy systems from the complexities of network evolution. By implementing an Intelligent Routing solution, CSPs can reduce costs, drive revenue, and quickly launch new services.

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