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  • CSG Wholesale Business Management Solutions: Connecting to the Future

    Few markets are as competitive or as fast moving as wholesale telecoms. With players and partners constantly in flux, future profits will hinge on your ability to adapt to new technology and to quickly respond to new business opportunities.
    CSG Wholesale Business Management Solutions (WBMS) is an integrated suite of partner oriented products designed to make you a more efficient and profitable enterprise—in control of your wholesale business, settlement management and responsive to the changes that are coming down the track as we move from communications service provision to digital service provision.

    The business of partner settlement and wholesale business management is changing rapidly – see how CSG can help.

  • The Rise of the Always Connected Customer

    Your 2017 goals: elevate the customer experience, cut costs, and improve transaction efficiency. But how?

    By partnering with a company who enables businesses to engage with their digital customers, and those not quite there yet. Each month, we touch more than half of all U.S. households. And every year, we send and receive more than 1 billion interactive voice, SMS/text, print, email and fax messages to and from more than 50 million users.



  • Monetizing the Enterprise: Is Your BSS up to the Challenge?

    Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have widely differing views of their business customers.  Some group them with consumers, others set up specialized divisions to take care of them. But because the average CSP generates about one-third of revenue from the business segment, most are increaingly focused on better serving the enterprise.

    As CSPs sharpen their focus on capturing the lucrative, yet dynamic, enterprise market sector, that same level of scrutiny must be applied to existing systems.  Can your systems achieve the critical "three Ps" required to support the needs of the new enterprise?  Read our newest white paper to find out if your BSS is up to the challenge of serving the enterprise.

  • Singleview Policy Management: Boosting Customer Experience with Service Differentiation

    Operators around the world are facing rapid service and profitability pressure while maintaining costly mobile and fixed network upgrades to sustain the growing demand of media-rich applications and internet services, fueled by the prolific uptake in smart devices and machines with embedded connectivity.

    Investments in network upgrades towards 4G LTE/EPC, FTTH, and FMC have to increase revenue while improving the customer experience. By controlling and orchestrating how your subscribers interact with your asset base, you can provide an experience-rich and profitable service offering.

    Download CSG’s Singleview Policy Management brochure to learn how you can tap into new revenue opportunities while minimizing costs.

  • CSG Singleview Integrated Charging & Policy: Interactive Service Monetization and Control

    Operators worldwide are under pressure to provide rapid service and profitability while maintaining expensive network upgrades to accommodate for the surge of demand for internet services.

    Operators have a number of options to address these challenges:

    • Segment access plans to target a broader addressable market, where customer willingness to spend matches usage needs.
    • Redefine mobile customer experience when interacting with OTT services.
    • Offer richer network-enhanced communication services that integrate with internet applications to compete with OTT services.
    • Offer consumers universal access by employing the most cost-effective and app-efficient networks in the background.
    • Become part of the highly innovative digital services revenue chain.

    Download our Integrated Charging and Policy brochure to see how our subscriber-focused policy and charging control capabilities can help you tap into new revenue opportunities.

  • CSG Managed Services Brochure

    Despite their unique geographies, network topologies, and business processes, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) around the globe are facing a common set of challenges:

    • Increasing competition from traditional and new market players
    • Need to invest in all-IP/4G/LTE networks to address capacity and quality requirements
    • Financial constraints and a need to demonstrate stable (preferably growing) margins

    CSG Managed Services:

    • Delivers overall business improvements and acts as your business partner
    • Becomes your Business Support Systems (BSS) engine including the provision of complex operations
    • Proactively translates your strategy into a vision for how your BSS should evolve
    • De‐layers your current BSS to create flexibility and agility

    Download our Managed Services brochure to learn how CSG International can help you.


  • CSG Singleview: World-Class Billing, Customer and Revenue Management

    The industry is changing fast and next generation fixed and mobile networks already suggest limitless product and service possibilities.
    The flexible, modular capability of CSG Singleview—the world’s most advanced real‐time, charging, convergent billing, customer and revenue management system—helps operators to respond quickly and seize the fast lane in the competitive race of today’s telecoms market.
    Developed to address the needs of communication companies worldwide, CSG Singleview is helping many of the world’s best known operators to build efficient, profitable operations with a strong focus on world‐class customer care.

    Take a look at some current industry drivers, the business models CSPs are adapting in response, and how Singleview can help.

  • CSG Intermediate: The Agile Mediation Platform

    With over 200 global installations, CSG Intermediate is one of the most trusted offline and online mediation solutions in the world. Intermediate captures and processes customer usage events of all kinds from any service delivery network for industry leaders in telecom, finance, logistics, and government. Today we process well over 26 billion events per day for our top ten clients.

    CSG Intermediate can invigorate your current business and bring you the most value when adapting to new technologies, devices and services. With unprecedented expertise in managing the transition to new networks, we’ll help minimize costs and streamline internal processes with a single strategic mediation platform for all network technologies and services.

    Find out how CSG Intermediate is one of the most trusted offline and online telecommunications mediation solutions in the world.

  • CSG Interactivate: Flexible and Scalable Service Activation Platform to drive Revenue

    Network evolution, consolidation, explosive growth of devices (personal and M2M), new applications and complexity of services/bundles requiring near real-time, multi‐service activation, are driving the need for highly available service activation systems. CSG Interactivate is that system.

    CSG’s convergent activation solution, Interactivate, is a carrier‐grade, multi‐service activation platform, capable of automatically activating any service on any network. Interactivate provides the critical link between subscribers and services, enabling fixed, mobile, 3G, and IP network operators to rapidly launch new services, streamline processes and raise customer satisfaction.

    A look at the business drivers and challenges in activation – and how Interactivate meets the challenges.

  • CSG Output Solutions

    CSG output solutions are comprehensive, spanning the entire document creation and distribution workflow process from electronic and print delivery to document archival and customer care. Services include composition of transactional and business-critical documents, ecare, data processing, printing, finishing, mail services and comprehensive electronic delivery, payment and archiving solutions. And because our applications are continuously proven to excel in high-volume environments with rigorous demands, they’re used by hundreds of clients and millions of customers on a daily basis.

    CSG Output Solutions is a leading provider of documents in print and electronic media communications within the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) arenas. We specialize in developing comprehensive solutions for the composition and fulfillment of critical, time-sensitive transactional documents in the telecommunications, utilities, financial, insurance, home and security markets and more.

    With 30 years of providing customer management and billing solutions, we have a long-standing reputation for delivering outstanding quality and uncompromised customer service. Improve operational effectiveness, increase customer awareness and drive cost savings with turnkey output solutions, that span the entire document creation and distribution process.