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  • CSG Message Manager

    Transform your documents into powerful communication tools.  Read about Message Manager to find out how.

  • CSG-IM Appointment Notification

    Explains the need for and key feature and benefits of an effective appointment notification solution.

  • CSG IM Omni Channel Messaging

    Customer communication has evolved rapidly as people have become more mobile and have access to a
    larger number of devices with which to interact. Omni‐channel has become the new norm and customers
    have expectations as to how, when and why you should interact with them. More efficient and
    meaningful communications lead to a better customer experience and directly translates into higher
    revenues and lower costs for your business.

  • Billing Design, Output & Fulfillment for Utilities

    Reduce Costs and Improve A/R Turnover with highly efficient, accurate services.

  • CSG's Interconnect: Complete Operational and Financial Control of Your B2B Interactions

    Partner management—all of the business that you do with other operators and enterprises—continues to be a vital part of your business. Inaccurate billing,
    lengthy disputes and fraud can all result in denied or delayed revenue, with a real impact on profit and cash flow.

    CSG Interconnect is a wholesale billing and settlement product. It lets you bill and settle with external business entities—with other operators, and with an increasingly wide range of other commercial organizations. It  provides complete operational and financial control of your business‐to‐business interactions with other carriers as well as content and service partners.

    A brief overview of CSG Interconnect, wholesale settlement system – its benefits and features.

  • CSG Singleview: Network Evolution and Convergence Monetization

    The market—and customer demands—are in flux. CSPs need to keep pace with network evolution and offer services that their customers want. But they won’t succeed if they don’t have the right system. Having the right business support system is critical to capture the revenue streams created by new market opportunities—whether geographic- or sector-specific.

    CSG Singleview helps CSPs monetize evolving network assets and deploy new business models that support new services, channels, and subscribers. CSG Singleview provides comprehensive convergent charging, billing and revenue management from a single policy, rating, charging and billing engine. The solution’s unified architecture means Singleview can handle any type of pricing or business model, increasing efficiency and lowering the cost of ownership. High throughput, low-latency solutions help your business scale horizontally and vertically.

    A brief overview of the Singleview charging, billing and customer management suite – its benefits and features.

  • Wholesale Business Management SaaS Solutions Datasheet

    The wholesale market has dynamic requirements, driven by regulatory bodies and intense competition. But with tight margins it takes significant time and resources to justify system upgrades and improvements, taking focus away from real business operational improvement.

    Operators are missing out on the latest functionality to support market demands, instead directing investment to propping up legacy systems. By implementing a SaaS solution, operators can transform their operations, streamline business processes, and lower costs.

  • Ascendon Internet TV Solutions

    Want a larger slice of the Internet TV pie? Go get it.

  • Ascendon Studios and Content Owners Solutions

    Want to create your own relationship with the customer? Then go directly to them.

  • Ascendon Content Aggregator Solutions

    Need a secret weapon to fight off your competition? You got it!

  • Ascendon MVNO Solutions

    Your customers want a seamless experience. Give it to them!

  • Ascendon Digital Services Solutions

    Launch new digital services today. Realize revenue (and a loyal fan base) tomorrow.

  • Ascendon Internet of Things Solutions

    There’s money to be made in IoT. Go get it!

  • Ascendon Network Operator Solutions

    Own your customers. Before someone else does.

  • Ascendon Retail Solutions

    Your consumers want to go beyond the walls of your storefront. So let them.

  • Ascendon Broadcaster Solutions

    Want to build brand loyalty? Carve a direct path to your customer.

  • Ascendon Connected Solutions

    Your customers are on the move. Go with them!

  • Ascendon Enterprise Solutions

    Everything enterprise customers need. In one solution.

  • Ascendon Digital BSS Solutions

    Digital BSS—Simplified!

  • TSM Lawful Compliance Datasheet

    Global crime and security threats are fueling demand from law enforcement and civil agencies for subscriber usage data and
    ad hoc reports from communication service providers(CSPs). Quick turnarounds are essential, and the quality of the data and reports
    provided can mean the difference between the success and failure of an investigation, and ultimately apprehension and prosecution.

  • CSG-IM Call Canvas Express

    Introduces CSG's CallCanvas Express drag and drop visual self-service tool to manage your own inbound and outbound speech call flows. Reduce costs and add effficiency to your calling programs.

  • CSG-IM CSG Disclosure Portal

    Explains the need for and key feature and benefits of a consistent and easy to manage disclosure notice tool.

  • CSG-IM Transactional Fraud Notifications

    Shows how to create a complete fraud control process using voice automation solutions, with state‐of‐the‐art technologies, including speech recognition, text‐to‐speech and
    interactive voice broadcast and response.

  • CSG-IM Right Party Contact (RPC)

    Describes how to deliver cost savings and operational efficiencies using a hosted virtual dialer solution. CSG’s Automated Right Party Contact (RPC) solution gives collections departments/agencies the potential to maximize agent efficiencies while reducing call handle time on each file worked.

  • CSG-IM Customer Communication Center

    Discusses the need for, and benefits of, a comprehensive customer engagement solution and introduces CSG'd Customer Communication Center.