Data Sheets

Solution Spotlight: Operational Data Management (ODM)

CSG Operational Data Management (ODM) extracts and delivers the data you need when you need it, where you need it, and in the format you need it, to and from the vast array of operational, business, and command and control systems throughout the utility infrastructure.

It provides a centralized platform which:

  • Acquires real-time or time-delayed data from any and all of the disparate systems across the energy and communication networks
  • Distributes the right data set to the appropriate systems and users, in the right format at the right time
  • Uses technology that’s been proven in highly transactive and secure industries such as financial services, security, telecom, and logistics
  • Is fully auditable and measurable based on user and enterprise needs to meet internal or regulatory reporting requirements
  • Provides the framework to deliver automated, human-in-the-loop and closed loop (automated) business and operational processes
  • Enables the business intelligence to validate, analyze, correlate, aggregate, filter and transform the data across the various, disparate data streams

CSG Operational Data Management solves utilities’ greatest challenge: the need to extract and group large data sets from the power grid and communications network into verifiable, reliable and relevant information that satisfies the requirements of their disparate—both new and established—systems.