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Supporting New Payment Paradigms in a Digital World

As consumers use more digital content across a wider array of devices and channels, how will CSPs meet the challenge? The volume of mobile transactions is growing exponentially, with research firm Gartner predicting that consumers worldwide will buy $171.5 billion worth of goods and services on their mobile devices this year—a staggering 61.9% increase from 2011. Thanks to the mobile world we live in, the way we think about buying and selling virtually everything has changed.

The ability to pay for anything, virtually anywhere and on any device, will trigger significant shifts for cable and satellite CSPs.

While CSPs are focused intently on how to meet the insatiable appetite for content among its subscriber base, they also must focus on how to meet customer demand for more flexible and more diverse payment options. Gone are the days when subscribers received a bill in the mail, wrote a check and sent it to the CSP directly, or signed up for post-paid plans in which their credit cards were credited on a monthly basis.

Welcome to a new era in which consumers pay for services from a variety of devices and payment types, and they do it all with the quick click of a button. Discover why the adoption of an eWallet strategy is so important for cable and satellite industry.