Content Monetization

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  • Ascendon Broadcaster Solutions

    Want to build brand loyalty? Carve a direct path to your customer.

  • Ascendon Digital BSS Solutions

    Digital BSS—Simplified!

  • Ascendon Connected Solutions

    Your customers are on the move. Go with them!

  • Ascendon Content Aggregator Solutions

    Need a secret weapon to fight off your competition? You got it!

  • Ascendon Digital Services Solutions

    Launch new digital services today. Realize revenue (and a loyal fan base) tomorrow.

  • Ascendon Enterprise Solutions

    Everything enterprise customers need. In one solution.

  • Ascendon Internet TV Solutions

    Want a larger slice of the Internet TV pie? Go get it.

  • Ascendon Internet of Things Solutions

    There’s money to be made in IoT. Go get it!

  • Ascendon MVNO Solutions

    Your customers want a seamless experience. Give it to them!

  • Ascendon Network Operator Solutions

    Own your customers. Before someone else does.

  • Ascendon Retail Solutions

    Your consumers want to go beyond the walls of your storefront. So let them.

  • Ascendon Studios and Content Owners Solutions

    Want to create your own relationship with the customer? Then go directly to them.

  • Top 5 Challenges for Monetizing the Internet of Things (IoT)

    eBook: Top 5 Challenges for Monetizing the Internet of Things (IoT).  This paper discusses the mechanics of billing from the perspective of a Communications Service Provider at the center of the Internet of Things.  Download it today.


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  • Interview with Kent Steffen on Monetizing Digital Content

    Kent Steffen, President CSG Digital Services answers questions from Digital TV Europe 2015 (DTVE) about the new CSG Ascendon digital services platform and explains why the tools from the solution are making it possible for various digital providers to upgrade and simplify their customers’ experience while helping to successfully launch, scale and monetize their content in today’s highly competitive and fragmented media landscape.

  • Monetize New Digital Services

    There are a wealth of digital services emerging today, from videos and entertainment to home security and automation. Learn how CSG Ascendon enables you to create powerful consumer experiences that turn these digital services into new revenue streams.

  • Monetizing Pay TV's Over-the-Top Era

    Pay TV has entered the multi-device over-the-top (OTT) era on a global basis. The broadband network's ability to deliver video is shifting the landscape toward an experience that allows each audience member to search, browse, find, buy, and play content on-demand from anywhere. This fundamental change pits Pay TV providers against new competitors. It gives customers more channels through which to access content. It escalates customers’ expectations around video experiences. And it changes the ways in which Pay TV providers will generate and grow revenue from here, on. Monetizing the over-the-top era is the next great challenge, and the most critical for Pay TV.

    Download this white paper to learn more about monetizing TV Everywhere and OTT as well as driving transactions and interactions through the second screen in the multi-device era.

  • SPECTRUM magazine, Issue III

    Welcome to the third edition of SPECTRUM magazine on Customer Experience, CSG International’s exclusive publication.

    The purpose of SPECTRUM is two-fold: to provide you with a wide range of cable, telecommunications and Business Support Systems (BSS) content while also sharing CSG’s vision for helping you address the most pressing customer interaction and revenue management challenges and opportunities in the marketplace.

    Key articles in this issue include:

    Success Story - Virgin Mobile Australia decreases bill shock to increase customer satisfaction and engagement.

    Thought Leadership - CSG VP Dale Knipp on how to avoid potential pitfalls when crafting the customer journey. 

    Analyst View - Steve Hilton from MachNation, identifies six Internet of Things specific challenges and their relative impacts on the customer engagement process.

    In Conversation - Bob Machin, CSG’s Product Marketing Director, shares his notes from Mobile World Congress, 2014.

  • SPECTRUM magazine, Issue II

    SPECTRUM Issue 2 | CSG International

    Welcome to the second edition of SPECTRUM magazine, CSG International’s exclusive publication for its clients worldwide.

    The purpose of SPECTRUM is two-fold: to provide you with a wide range of cable, telecommunications and Business Support Systems (BSS) content while also sharing CSG’s vision for helping you address the most pressing customer and revenue management challenges and opportunities in the marketplace.

    Whether or not you are currently a customer of CSG, you are most welcome to download this publication instantly.

  • Capitalizing on the Premium Content Era

    Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are poised to take a controlling stake in the premium digital content market and establish a central position in a two-sided business model between consumer and content owner. The premium digital content business will process an enormous volume of highly complex transactions; capitalizing on these is, among other things, an exercise in executing, at massive scale, the processes of product management, billing and payments, customer care, transaction security, and high quality, on-demand service delivery. 
    CSPs have excelled in these areas for traditional and next-generation services. Success in the premium content era, however, will necessitate investments to adapt current Business Support Systems (BSS) to account for the unique requirements that premium digital content brings.

    Download the new "Capitalizing on the Premium Content Era" white paper to learn more about these requirements and how to evolve current BSS platforms to maximize success.

  • SPECTRUM magazine, Issue I

    Welcome to the inaugural edition of SPECTRUM magazine, CSG International's exclusive publication for its Asia-Pacific customers.

    The last 12 months have been a particularly exciting time at CSG, we acquired the leading wholesale vendor Ascade, launched our global Managed Services offering and entered the Cable market in India.

    SPECTRUM magazine was created because our customers made it clear they want to know more. More about what we do, more on what we have done and more of what we plan to do.

    SPECTRUM magazine will provide you with valuable industry-relevant and thought-provoking content while also sharing important information related to our award winning solutions.


  • CSG and The Connected Car

    From smart phones to smart cars, today's CSPs require a partner who understands how to keep them at the heart of a rapidly evolving ecosystem.

  • CSG and The Connected Office

    From mobile devices to mobile enterprises, today's CSPs require a partner who understands how to transform business process into business success.

  • CSG and The Connected Home

    From smart homes to smart phones, today's CSPs require a partner who understands how to turn customer experience into your greatest competitive advantage.

  • Supporting New Payment Paradigms in a Digital World

    As consumers use more digital content across a wider array of devices and channels, how will CSPs meet the challenge? The volume of mobile transactions is growing exponentially, with research firm Gartner predicting that consumers worldwide will buy $171.5 billion worth of goods and services on their mobile devices this year—a staggering 61.9% increase from 2011. Thanks to the mobile world we live in, the way we think about buying and selling virtually everything has changed.

    The ability to pay for anything, virtually anywhere and on any device, will trigger significant shifts for cable and satellite CSPs.

    While CSPs are focused intently on how to meet the insatiable appetite for content among its subscriber base, they also must focus on how to meet customer demand for more flexible and more diverse payment options. Gone are the days when subscribers received a bill in the mail, wrote a check and sent it to the CSP directly, or signed up for post-paid plans in which their credit cards were credited on a monthly basis.

    Welcome to a new era in which consumers pay for services from a variety of devices and payment types, and they do it all with the quick click of a button. Discover why the adoption of an eWallet strategy is so important for cable and satellite industry.

  • 3 Consumer Trends that will Transform the Broadband Marketplace

    A New Era for the Industry. Never has there been a more exciting and tumultuous time for the broadband industry. Consumers can't get enough of high-speed data, voice, and the ever growing inventory of video content available in the marketplace today.