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  • CSG Workforce Express Scheduling and Resource Allocation Manager

    With increased customer demands comes the expectation that Communication Service Providers can assign the right technician to the right job at the right time. Optimizing field resources is one of the greatest challenges CSPs face as they focus on differentiating through a flawless customer experience. Two hour and one hour appointment windows and increasingly complex jobs require CSPs to understand which resources are available in the field—and schedule them accordingly based on their skill level.

    With CSG’s newest solutions—CSG Workforce Express Scheduling and Resource Allocation Manager—cable and satellite companies now have the ability to manage available appointments, technician shifts, route jobs and manage overall capacity with a single, comprehensive platform.

  • HTML Output

    Deliver a unified customer experience across print and electronic channels with HTML Output. Develop your
    customer communications within one composition tool, ensuring a consistent look and feel across multiple
    document delivery channels. The same content is pulled in for HTML, print and archive, where you can customize fields
    as needed.

  • CSG IM Omni Channel Messaging

    Customer communication has evolved rapidly as people have become more mobile and have access to a
    larger number of devices with which to interact. Omni‐channel has become the new norm and customers
    have expectations as to how, when and why you should interact with them. More efficient and
    meaningful communications lead to a better customer experience and directly translates into higher
    revenues and lower costs for your business.

  • CSG Message Manager

    Transform your documents into powerful communication tools.  Read about Message Manager to find out how.

  • Billing Design, Output & Fulfillment for Utilities

    Reduce Costs and Improve A/R Turnover with highly efficient, accurate services.

  • CSG Singleview: Network Evolution and Convergence Monetization

    The market—and customer demands—are in flux. CSPs need to keep pace with network evolution and offer services that their customers want. But they won’t succeed if they don’t have the right system. Having the right business support system is critical to capture the revenue streams created by new market opportunities—whether geographic- or sector-specific.

    CSG Singleview helps CSPs monetize evolving network assets and deploy new business models that support new services, channels, and subscribers. CSG Singleview provides comprehensive convergent charging, billing and revenue management from a single policy, rating, charging and billing engine. The solution’s unified architecture means Singleview can handle any type of pricing or business model, increasing efficiency and lowering the cost of ownership. High throughput, low-latency solutions help your business scale horizontally and vertically.

    A brief overview of the Singleview charging, billing and customer management suite – its benefits and features.

  • CSG Analysis Report: Optimizing Field Force Operations

    Learn how CSG has helped communications service providers (CSPs) improve field service operations with dynamic scheduling, route optimization, analytics and automation. 

    Why should CSPs care?  Field service operations is the backbone of all facilities-based CSPs and a cornerstone customer service experience showcasing an onsite technician and back-office operations working in tandem.  The effort to streamline this function has been constant since the first networks, more than a century ago. And just as technology has changed drastically from two-way radios to the advanced hardware and software of today, customer expectations have increased requiring a fast response by a prepared, knowledgeable technician.  This report shows how advanced and automated solutions prepare service providers to offer a field force of tomorrow to both improve the CSP’s bottom line, as well as the customer experience.

  • The Rise of the Always Connected Customer

    Your 2017 goals: elevate the customer experience, cut costs, and improve transaction efficiency. But how?

    By partnering with a company who enables businesses to engage with their digital customers, and those not quite there yet. Each month, we touch more than half of all U.S. households. And every year, we send and receive more than 1 billion interactive voice, SMS/text, print, email and fax messages to and from more than 50 million users.



  • Ascendon Digital BSS Solutions

    Digital BSS—Simplified!

  • Ascendon Connected Solutions

    Your customers are on the move. Go with them!

  • Ascendon Content Aggregator Solutions

    Need a secret weapon to fight off your competition? You got it!

  • Ascendon Internet TV Solutions

    Want a larger slice of the Internet TV pie? Go get it.

  • Ascendon Internet of Things Solutions

    There’s money to be made in IoT. Go get it!

  • Ascendon MVNO Solutions

    Your customers want a seamless experience. Give it to them!

  • Ascendon Network Operator Solutions

    Own your customers. Before someone else does.

  • Ascendon Retail Solutions

    Your consumers want to go beyond the walls of your storefront. So let them.

  • Ascendon Studios and Content Owners Solutions

    Want to create your own relationship with the customer? Then go directly to them.

  • Top 5 Challenges for Monetizing the Internet of Things (IoT)

    eBook: Top 5 Challenges for Monetizing the Internet of Things (IoT).  This paper discusses the mechanics of billing from the perspective of a Communications Service Provider at the center of the Internet of Things.  Download it today.


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  • Interview with Kent Steffen on Monetizing Digital Content

    Kent Steffen, President CSG Digital Services answers questions from Digital TV Europe 2015 (DTVE) about the new CSG Ascendon digital services platform and explains why the tools from the solution are making it possible for various digital providers to upgrade and simplify their customers’ experience while helping to successfully launch, scale and monetize their content in today’s highly competitive and fragmented media landscape.

  • Monetize New Digital Services

    There are a wealth of digital services emerging today, from videos and entertainment to home security and automation. Learn how CSG Ascendon enables you to create powerful consumer experiences that turn these digital services into new revenue streams.

  • Delivering a differentiated customer experience in the home

    When it comes to technicians visiting a customers’ home, cable and satellite service providers must perfect the science of blending the right technology with an in-person experience.

    But with all of the technologies available and individual consumer preferences vastly different, what is the formula for the perfect blend?

    Through an independent survey of U.S. consumers, CSG International asked cable and satellite service subscribers for the answer. And, while consumers say that innovative technologies should play an important role in how they are supported, there’s something else just as important: authentic and meaningful human interactions.

    When it comes to in-home support, CSG’s survey reveals three key opportunities for service providers to find the perfect blend between innovative new technologies and good old fashioned communications:

    • Consumers of communication services are ready for an “Uber-like” customer experience.
    • Consumers want to be more empowered and in control—and some are even willing to pay for it.
    • Consistent and proactive communication is a differentiator, whether it’s in-person or through technology.

    So, what do cable and satellite providers need to do to perfect their customer experience formulas?  
    Download your complimentary Executive Summary to find out.

  • SPECTRUM magazine, Issue IV

    SPECTRUM magazine Issue IV

    Welcome to the fourth edition of SPECTRUM magazine on Serving the Enterprise, CSG International’s exclusive publication.

    The purpose of SPECTRUM is two-fold: to provide you with a wide range of cable, telecommunications and Business Support Systems (BSS) content while also sharing CSG’s vision for helping you address the most pressing customer interaction and revenue management challenges and opportunities in the marketplace.

    Key articles in this issue include:

    Success Story - tw telecom delivers strategic value to the Enterprise by creating a solution that aggregrates all network, cost and revenue records.

    Thought Leadership - CSG SVP Ken Jenkinson, discusses the key trends and macro forces impacting the Enterprise.

    Analyst View - Justin Van Der Lande from Analysys Mason, discusses how Enterprise service revenues are under significant pressure.

    In Conversation - Don MacNeil of XO Communications, highlights the realities of serving the Enterprise and the importance of customer experience.

  • Case Study: NewWave Communications

    NewWave Communications is a broadband/cable company providing television, high speed Internet, and digital telephone services for residential and business customers in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada and Texas. The company, which is growing by acquisition, recently launched a video on demand (VOD) service and home security/automation tools. Their "Smart Pac" package includes security for customer computers, cloud storage options, and games.

    As part of their commitment to customers, NewWave wanted more dynamic billing statements that clarified billing information, drew attention to new offers, and was easier to read. The company also needed a solution that could deliver more insights into customer reaction to marketing messages, and one that would enable faster changes to statement design. Find out how NewWave is committed to making customer interactions simple and positive.

  • Case Study: Suddenlink

    Suddenlink retooled their statements as part of a strategy to better connect with customers. By leveraging their statements as a strategic customer communication tool, Suddentlink improved readability, highlighted key offers, and provided greater statement customization.

    Suddenlink, a Missouri-based provider of Internet, telephone, and video-on-demand (VOD) services, serves 1.37 million subscribers across the southern United States. With six call centers and more than 6,100 employees, the nine-year-old company is growing fast, doubling its VOD capacity and launching an online video service over the last year.

    Find out how Suddenlink improved its direct mail and saw its consumer ratings jump as a result of working with CSG Message Manager.

  • 5 Tips for Leveraging Proactive Customer Care

    More than ever, automated self-service technology is enabling businesses to improve the customer service experience and secure long-term profitable relationships. Discover how Proactive Customer Care (PCC) solutions can enable your organization to go beyond the traditional definition of customer service by intelligently communicating with your customers when, where and how they prefer.