Digital Advertising

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  • Case Study: NewWave Communications

    NewWave Communications is a broadband/cable company providing television, high speed Internet, and digital telephone services for residential and business customers in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada and Texas. The company, which is growing by acquisition, recently launched a video on demand (VOD) service and home security/automation tools. Their "Smart Pac" package includes security for customer computers, cloud storage options, and games.

    As part of their commitment to customers, NewWave wanted more dynamic billing statements that clarified billing information, drew attention to new offers, and was easier to read. The company also needed a solution that could deliver more insights into customer reaction to marketing messages, and one that would enable faster changes to statement design. Find out how NewWave is committed to making customer interactions simple and positive.

  • Case Study: Suddenlink

    Suddenlink retooled their statements as part of a strategy to better connect with customers. By leveraging their statements as a strategic customer communication tool, Suddentlink improved readability, highlighted key offers, and provided greater statement customization.

    Suddenlink, a Missouri-based provider of Internet, telephone, and video-on-demand (VOD) services, serves 1.37 million subscribers across the southern United States. With six call centers and more than 6,100 employees, the nine-year-old company is growing fast, doubling its VOD capacity and launching an online video service over the last year.

    Find out how Suddenlink improved its direct mail and saw its consumer ratings jump as a result of working with CSG Message Manager.

  • Simplify Customer Communications: Increase Satisfaction and Reduce Costs

    In this age of constant connectivity and endless information sources, consumers face a barrage of data all day, every day. Your customers want reduced complexity, centralized communications and more channels to reach you—so that they can use the channels they like best.

    By embracing new channels and technologies, you can enhance your communications, increase sales, reduce calls to your support center and build loyalty with your customers.  Because at the end of the day, your customers are what matter most.

  • Inspiring Simplicity: Communications to Better Engage Your Customers

    Today, you can communicate with customers using many different channels. You would think this would make it easier for your customers to do what you need them to do—send a payment or take you up on a new offer. But instead it’s harder. Customers have to block out a lot of noise to hear what you need them to hear.

    Thoughtful statement design and the right use of color and space can simplify the message, and personalizing the user experience can improve customer satisfaction while reducing operating costs such as support center calls.

  • Creating Clarity: Unify Customer Communications to Increase Retention

    Your customers are plagued with “communication fatigue”. Different departments are communicating with customers in a decentralized way—each sending different offers and messages to the same customer, many at the same time.

    Unifying customer communications is key for customer retention and satisfaction levels and enables your customers to do what you need them to do—send a payment, take advantage of a new offer or understand changes in their billing statement.

  • Making It Easy: Save Operating Costs with Customer Self-Service Tools

    Help reduce operating costs by empowering your customers with the mobile tools and e-statements they want. Not only will this allow you to suppress print and mailing costs, it will make it easy for your customers to pay bills, check balances, request help and take care of business anytime from anywhere.

  • CSG and The Connected Home

    From smart homes to smart phones, today's CSPs require a partner who understands how to turn customer experience into your greatest competitive advantage.

  • Digital Advertising Tips

    Whether you’re new to digital advertising or in need of best practices to follow as you incorporate digital advertising into your marketing strategy, we offer a few tips from CSG thought leaders.