Managed Services

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  • CSG Managed Services Brochure

    Despite their unique geographies, network topologies, and business processes, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) around the globe are facing a common set of challenges:

    • Increasing competition from traditional and new market players
    • Need to invest in all-IP/4G/LTE networks to address capacity and quality requirements
    • Financial constraints and a need to demonstrate stable (preferably growing) margins

    CSG Managed Services:

    • Delivers overall business improvements and acts as your business partner
    • Becomes your Business Support Systems (BSS) engine including the provision of complex operations
    • Proactively translates your strategy into a vision for how your BSS should evolve
    • De‐layers your current BSS to create flexibility and agility

    Download our Managed Services brochure to learn how CSG International can help you.


  • SPECTRUM magazine, Issue I

    Welcome to the inaugural edition of SPECTRUM magazine, CSG International's exclusive publication for its Asia-Pacific customers.

    The last 12 months have been a particularly exciting time at CSG, we acquired the leading wholesale vendor Ascade, launched our global Managed Services offering and entered the Cable market in India.

    SPECTRUM magazine was created because our customers made it clear they want to know more. More about what we do, more on what we have done and more of what we plan to do.

    SPECTRUM magazine will provide you with valuable industry-relevant and thought-provoking content while also sharing important information related to our award winning solutions.


  • CSG Singleview: World-Class Billing, Customer and Revenue Management

    The industry is changing fast and next generation fixed and mobile networks already suggest limitless product and service possibilities.
    The flexible, modular capability of CSG Singleview—the world’s most advanced real‐time, charging, convergent billing, customer and revenue management system—helps operators to respond quickly and seize the fast lane in the competitive race of today’s telecoms market.
    Developed to address the needs of communication companies worldwide, CSG Singleview is helping many of the world’s best known operators to build efficient, profitable operations with a strong focus on world‐class customer care.

    Take a look at some current industry drivers, the business models CSPs are adapting in response, and how Singleview can help.

  • CSG and The Connected Office

    From mobile devices to mobile enterprises, today's CSPs require a partner who understands how to transform business process into business success.

  • CSG and Connected Health Care

    From ehealth to mwallets and everything in between, today's CSPs require a partner who understands how to capitalize on the business opportunities enabled by next-generation networks and ubiquitous connectivity.

  • CSG and The Connected Home

    From smart homes to smart phones, today's CSPs require a partner who understands how to turn customer experience into your greatest competitive advantage.

  • Managed Services for Today’s Cable and Telecom Industries

    Alam Gill, SVP, Managed Services at CSG International, discusses cable and telecom's development for managed services.