Partner Settlement and Management

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  • CSG Wholesale Business Management Solutions: Connecting to the Future

    Few markets are as competitive or as fast moving as wholesale telecoms. With players and partners constantly in flux, future profits will hinge on your ability to adapt to new technology and to quickly respond to new business opportunities.
    CSG Wholesale Business Management Solutions (WBMS) is an integrated suite of partner oriented products designed to make you a more efficient and profitable enterprise—in control of your wholesale business, settlement management and responsive to the changes that are coming down the track as we move from communications service provision to digital service provision.

    The business of partner settlement and wholesale business management is changing rapidly – see how CSG can help.

  • CSG's Interconnect: Complete Operational and Financial Control of Your B2B Interactions

    Partner management—all of the business that you do with other operators and enterprises—continues to be a vital part of your business. Inaccurate billing,
    lengthy disputes and fraud can all result in denied or delayed revenue, with a real impact on profit and cash flow.

    CSG Interconnect is a wholesale billing and settlement product. It lets you bill and settle with external business entities—with other operators, and with an increasingly wide range of other commercial organizations. It  provides complete operational and financial control of your business‐to‐business interactions with other carriers as well as content and service partners.

    A brief overview of CSG Interconnect, wholesale settlement system – its benefits and features.

  • Wholesale Business Management SaaS Solutions Datasheet

    The wholesale market has dynamic requirements, driven by regulatory bodies and intense competition. But with tight margins it takes significant time and resources to justify system upgrades and improvements, taking focus away from real business operational improvement.

    Operators are missing out on the latest functionality to support market demands, instead directing investment to propping up legacy systems. By implementing a SaaS solution, operators can transform their operations, streamline business processes, and lower costs.

  • Top 5 Challenges for Monetizing the Internet of Things (IoT)

    eBook: Top 5 Challenges for Monetizing the Internet of Things (IoT).  This paper discusses the mechanics of billing from the perspective of a Communications Service Provider at the center of the Internet of Things.  Download it today.


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  • Maintaining Operational Control and Transparency with Wholesale Partners

    Finn Kornbo, of CSG International speaks with Capacity TV regarding the challenges facing today's telecoms carriers, the impact on their business and processes, and the imperatives of streamlining and automating as many processes as possible while maintaining operational control and transparency with wholesale partners.

  • CSG Exchange: Automated Contractual Agreement Transfer Saves Time, Money and Partner Relationships

    Fierce competition in telecoms has created an industry where automation and efficiency are becoming vital to survival. We find a good example of inefficiency impacting revenues and margins in the area of information exchange between operators, where agreements and rate sheets are constantly adjusted to attract business, and diminishing margins are steadily driving up the number of invoice disputes.

    An operator can have hundreds or even thousands of active agreements in place with their interconnect partners. Each agreement will require rate sheets, statements, invoices, dispute records and other contractual documents to be updated on a regular basis. It is vital that each change to agreed data is formally recorded and accepted to minimize contractual disputes—time consuming work if conducted manually.

    A brief overview of CSG Exchange – it’s benefits and features.

  • CSG Wholesale Business Management Solutions: Connecting to the Future

    Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are at the heart of the new digital economy. Subscribers and businesses are connecting more and more powerful data devices across the network, sending ‘big data’ flowing across continents, from person to person and machine to machine (M2M), and engaging with applications and services which are increasingly resident in the Cloud.

    Few markets are as competitive or fast moving as the wholesale telecom market. With players, partners and subscribers constantly in flux, profitability hinges on a CSP’s ability to reduce costs through improved efficiency and to quickly respond to new opportunities.

    CSG WBMS is designed to make you a more efficient and profitable enterprise–in control of your business, and responsive to the changes that are coming down the track as we move from communications to digital service provision, maximizing the return you get from a business that connects not just with neighboring networks but with the rest of the world. A brief overview of Interactivate – its benefits and features.

  • CSG and The Connected Car

    From smart phones to smart cars, today's CSPs require a partner who understands how to keep them at the heart of a rapidly evolving ecosystem.

  • CSG and The Connected Office

    From mobile devices to mobile enterprises, today's CSPs require a partner who understands how to transform business process into business success.

  • CSG and Connected Health Care

    From ehealth to mwallets and everything in between, today's CSPs require a partner who understands how to capitalize on the business opportunities enabled by next-generation networks and ubiquitous connectivity.

  • CSG and The Connected Home

    From smart homes to smart phones, today's CSPs require a partner who understands how to turn customer experience into your greatest competitive advantage.

  • CSG's Roam: Take Control of Your Roaming Revenues

    A brief overview of CSG Roam – its benefits and features

  • CSG's Route: Boosting Profitability and Control with End-to‐end Interconnect Trading and Routing

    Buying and selling international traffic is a critical component of the wholesale telecom business. It requires precision, market‐responsiveness and the coordination of many parts of the organization. CSG Route, the most widely deployed Routing and Trading system in the world, with over 50 active customers, helps you to minimize the cost of interconnect, and more effectively manage your revenue‐critical inter‐carrier business.

    CSG Route combines optimized routing, dynamically selecting preferred routes based on an array of customer‐configurable algorithms; automated provisioning of routing logic against all of the world’s leading switch types, and a ‘routing desk’, providing hands‐on control, visibility and insight to the inter- carrier side of the business. A brief overview of Route – its benefits and features.

  • CSG's Assure: Helping you Reap the Complete Business Potential of QoS Assurance

    A brief overview of Assure – its benefits and features

  • Cable Providers Add Wireless Services to Lineup

    With the explosion of mobile phone services and smart phones in the United States, it is no surprise why the mobile market is so attractive to cable providers.

  • Customer Success Story: Asia Pacific Telecom

    Asia Pacific Telecom (APT) is one of Taiwan's leading fixed and mobile operators, providing services to the Taiwanese market under the brand name A+. In order to compete in this highly saturated market, APT made a decision to adopt both CSG International's Wholesale Business Management Solution (WBMS) and Total Service Mediation (TSM) solutions.

    The combination of rich functionality, automated efficiencies and robust performance in the most business-critical areas of its BSS has driven APT’s growth at faster rates than its competitors. By enabling rapid roll-out of high-value content services, customer behavior analysis and fraud management, as well as lowering the cost of interconnect billing and mediation, CSG International’s BSS suite has provided the backbone for APT’s subscriber and revenue growth. Combined with its market-leading products, CSG’s professional services and support for APT have reinforced the technology, giving APT confidence in these vital areas of their business now and in the future. As a consequence of deploying CSG’s (formerly Intec) BSS, APT is able to offer free on-net calls, and the lowest cost off net calls in Taiwan.