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  • CSG Workforce Express Scheduling and Resource Allocation Manager

    With increased customer demands comes the expectation that Communication Service Providers can assign the right technician to the right job at the right time. Optimizing field resources is one of the greatest challenges CSPs face as they focus on differentiating through a flawless customer experience. Two hour and one hour appointment windows and increasingly complex jobs require CSPs to understand which resources are available in the field—and schedule them accordingly based on their skill level.

    With CSG’s newest solutions—CSG Workforce Express Scheduling and Resource Allocation Manager—cable and satellite companies now have the ability to manage available appointments, technician shifts, route jobs and manage overall capacity with a single, comprehensive platform.

  • CSG Wholesale Business Management Solutions: Connecting to the Future

    Few markets are as competitive or as fast moving as wholesale telecoms. With players and partners constantly in flux, future profits will hinge on your ability to adapt to new technology and to quickly respond to new business opportunities.
    CSG Wholesale Business Management Solutions (WBMS) is an integrated suite of partner oriented products designed to make you a more efficient and profitable enterprise—in control of your wholesale business, settlement management and responsive to the changes that are coming down the track as we move from communications service provision to digital service provision.

    The business of partner settlement and wholesale business management is changing rapidly – see how CSG can help.

  • CSG's Interconnect: Complete Operational and Financial Control of Your B2B Interactions

    Partner management—all of the business that you do with other operators and enterprises—continues to be a vital part of your business. Inaccurate billing,
    lengthy disputes and fraud can all result in denied or delayed revenue, with a real impact on profit and cash flow.

    CSG Interconnect is a wholesale billing and settlement product. It lets you bill and settle with external business entities—with other operators, and with an increasingly wide range of other commercial organizations. It  provides complete operational and financial control of your business‐to‐business interactions with other carriers as well as content and service partners.

    A brief overview of CSG Interconnect, wholesale settlement system – its benefits and features.

  • CSG Singleview: Network Evolution and Convergence Monetization

    The market—and customer demands—are in flux. CSPs need to keep pace with network evolution and offer services that their customers want. But they won’t succeed if they don’t have the right system. Having the right business support system is critical to capture the revenue streams created by new market opportunities—whether geographic- or sector-specific.

    CSG Singleview helps CSPs monetize evolving network assets and deploy new business models that support new services, channels, and subscribers. CSG Singleview provides comprehensive convergent charging, billing and revenue management from a single policy, rating, charging and billing engine. The solution’s unified architecture means Singleview can handle any type of pricing or business model, increasing efficiency and lowering the cost of ownership. High throughput, low-latency solutions help your business scale horizontally and vertically.

    A brief overview of the Singleview charging, billing and customer management suite – its benefits and features.

  • Wholesale Business Management SaaS Solutions Datasheet

    The wholesale market has dynamic requirements, driven by regulatory bodies and intense competition. But with tight margins it takes significant time and resources to justify system upgrades and improvements, taking focus away from real business operational improvement.

    Operators are missing out on the latest functionality to support market demands, instead directing investment to propping up legacy systems. By implementing a SaaS solution, operators can transform their operations, streamline business processes, and lower costs.

  • Ascendon Digital BSS Solutions

    Digital BSS—Simplified!

  • Ascendon Studios and Content Owners Solutions

    Want to create your own relationship with the customer? Then go directly to them.

  • CSG International Briefing Paper IMS-VoLTE Mediation

    4G/LTE adoption is increasingly rapidly, spurring the growth of services like VoLTE, HD Voice, and more. In response, mobile operators are racing to launch these innovative digital services and increase market share.

    Supporting services like VoLTE requires proven integration of mediation with IMS networks. But IMS mediation must be in real-time, placing high demands on legacy mediation platforms. Every real-time stream also needs correlation, which legacy systems can’t scale and or cost-effectively support at high volumes.

    A next-generation mediation solution is needed and must support the capabilities that are vital for IMS service. This includes fast-network integration, cost effective scalability, and advanced correlation. By implementing a mediation solution, operators can reduce capex and launch innovative digital services that consumers want and expect.

  • CSG International Briefing Paper Intelligent Routing

    Communications service providers strive to be more agile, and many want to participate in the digital economy. Both goals require CSPs to eliminate complexity from core processes, reduce costs to the business and increase operational efficiencies.

    To support these strategies, many CSPs plan to deploy IMS networks to streamline the network architecture for their future business requirements. They also want to deploy new digital services based on IMS, like VoLTE and HD Voice, to compete with over-the-top voice and messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Skype.

    Intelligent Routing is a critical component of successful long-term IMS implementations. As a mediation function, Intelligent Routing offers intelligent processing, flexibility and responsiveness. Intelligent Routing also shields charging and policy systems from the complexities of network evolution. By implementing an Intelligent Routing solution, CSPs can reduce costs, drive revenue, and quickly launch new services.

  • TSM Lawful Compliance Datasheet

    Global crime and security threats are fueling demand from law enforcement and civil agencies for subscriber usage data and
    ad hoc reports from communication service providers(CSPs). Quick turnarounds are essential, and the quality of the data and reports
    provided can mean the difference between the success and failure of an investigation, and ultimately apprehension and prosecution.

  • CSG International Briefing Paper Network Mediation

    Communication service providers (CSPs) have a pedigree in collecting usage data — in extremely large quantities and from a diverse range of network interfaces. This data is used for billing and accounting purposes such as managing accounts, issuing statements, and collecting payments. Other common applications include wholesale settlements, roaming clearing and fraud detection.

    As a result, CSPs have a wealth of information held captive as raw data in not only in back office systems, but also in their networks. With network mediation, CSPs can unlock the value of data to gain insight into their organizations. The result: both direct and indirect impact on the bottom line, as well as increased service quality and reduced churn.

  • Monetizing LTE - What's the Right Pricing Strategy?

    The success of LTE and mobile broadband is no longer a matter for speculation—in terms of users, it became the dominant mobile technology in developed Asia in 2015, and other regions are following quickly behind. Customers clearly like what LTE brings—wherever the technology is rolled out, data usage quickly doubles and continues on an upward trajectory. 

    So LTE is now sufficiently well-established worldwide that we can ask in this white paper: are we turning this popular and revolutionary technology into business success? Where are we seeing the highest monetization, what pricing and charging strategies are proving most effective, and are traditional BSS systems capable of supporting the industry’s efforts to gain a viable return on its technology investment?

  • Top 5 Challenges for Monetizing the Internet of Things (IoT)

    eBook: Top 5 Challenges for Monetizing the Internet of Things (IoT).  This paper discusses the mechanics of billing from the perspective of a Communications Service Provider at the center of the Internet of Things.  Download it today.


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    Internet of Things IoT
  • Interview with Kent Steffen on Monetizing Digital Content

    Kent Steffen, President CSG Digital Services answers questions from Digital TV Europe 2015 (DTVE) about the new CSG Ascendon digital services platform and explains why the tools from the solution are making it possible for various digital providers to upgrade and simplify their customers’ experience while helping to successfully launch, scale and monetize their content in today’s highly competitive and fragmented media landscape.

  • SPECTRUM magazine, Issue IV

    SPECTRUM magazine Issue IV

    Welcome to the fourth edition of SPECTRUM magazine on Serving the Enterprise, CSG International’s exclusive publication.

    The purpose of SPECTRUM is two-fold: to provide you with a wide range of cable, telecommunications and Business Support Systems (BSS) content while also sharing CSG’s vision for helping you address the most pressing customer interaction and revenue management challenges and opportunities in the marketplace.

    Key articles in this issue include:

    Success Story - tw telecom delivers strategic value to the Enterprise by creating a solution that aggregrates all network, cost and revenue records.

    Thought Leadership - CSG SVP Ken Jenkinson, discusses the key trends and macro forces impacting the Enterprise.

    Analyst View - Justin Van Der Lande from Analysys Mason, discusses how Enterprise service revenues are under significant pressure.

    In Conversation - Don MacNeil of XO Communications, highlights the realities of serving the Enterprise and the importance of customer experience.

  • CSG Singleview Policy Management: Enabling Control and Service Differentiation Across All Your Network Assets

    CSG Single view Policy Management delivers policy rules in real‐time to multiple network, application and service delivery platforms. It is strategically aligned with LTE/EPC and 4G services while also supporting existing 3G and fixed packet data services and networks. It delivers competitive, profitable and experience‐rich data services, not just network management objectives. Capabilities can be adopted in modular form to suit different ecosystems and existing investments.

    It is a key module in CSG’s comprehensive Singleview convergent charging, billing and revenue management solution, providing a complete 3GPP Policy and Charging Control (PCC) system. Singleview Policy Management responds to an extensive and extendable set of subscriber activity triggers, driving a range of operator definable actions—letting you differentiate your service offers while boosting customer experience through various touch point actions.

    A brief overview of Singleview Policy Management – its benefits and features.

  • Singleview Policy Management: Boosting Customer Experience with Service Differentiation

    Operators around the world are facing rapid service and profitability pressure while maintaining costly mobile and fixed network upgrades to sustain the growing demand of media-rich applications and internet services, fueled by the prolific uptake in smart devices and machines with embedded connectivity.

    Investments in network upgrades towards 4G LTE/EPC, FTTH, and FMC have to increase revenue while improving the customer experience. By controlling and orchestrating how your subscribers interact with your asset base, you can provide an experience-rich and profitable service offering.

    Download CSG’s Singleview Policy Management brochure to learn how you can tap into new revenue opportunities while minimizing costs.

  • CSG Singleview Integrated Charging & Policy: Interactive Service Monetization and Control

    Operators worldwide are under pressure to provide rapid service and profitability while maintaining expensive network upgrades to accommodate for the surge of demand for internet services.

    Operators have a number of options to address these challenges:

    • Segment access plans to target a broader addressable market, where customer willingness to spend matches usage needs.
    • Redefine mobile customer experience when interacting with OTT services.
    • Offer richer network-enhanced communication services that integrate with internet applications to compete with OTT services.
    • Offer consumers universal access by employing the most cost-effective and app-efficient networks in the background.
    • Become part of the highly innovative digital services revenue chain.

    Download our Integrated Charging and Policy brochure to see how our subscriber-focused policy and charging control capabilities can help you tap into new revenue opportunities.

  • CSG Singleview Integrated Charging & Policy: Significantly Improve Business Performance while Minimizing Cost

    The prolific uptake in smart devices and machines with embedded connectivity paired with a surge in media‐rich applications and Internet services is creating unprecedented demands on today’s networks. And even with costly ongoing upgrades to 4G LTE/EPC, FTTH and FMC, network operators are challenged to meet this growing demand and also quickly deliver the new services and enhanced customer experience that are needed to increase revenue and profitability.

    The subscriber‐focused policy and charging control capabilities of CSG Singleview Integrated Charging and Policy (ICP) orchestrate subscriber service and asset interactivity enabling operators to tap into new revenue opportunities while minimizing the associated costs.

    A brief overview of Singleview Integrated Charging & Policy solution - its functional capabilities and benefits.

  • SPECTRUM magazine, Issue III

    Welcome to the third edition of SPECTRUM magazine on Customer Experience, CSG International’s exclusive publication.

    The purpose of SPECTRUM is two-fold: to provide you with a wide range of cable, telecommunications and Business Support Systems (BSS) content while also sharing CSG’s vision for helping you address the most pressing customer interaction and revenue management challenges and opportunities in the marketplace.

    Key articles in this issue include:

    Success Story - Virgin Mobile Australia decreases bill shock to increase customer satisfaction and engagement.

    Thought Leadership - CSG VP Dale Knipp on how to avoid potential pitfalls when crafting the customer journey. 

    Analyst View - Steve Hilton from MachNation, identifies six Internet of Things specific challenges and their relative impacts on the customer engagement process.

    In Conversation - Bob Machin, CSG’s Product Marketing Director, shares his notes from Mobile World Congress, 2014.

  • CSG Singleview Commerce Engine: The Power of Now – Bringing You Tomorrow – Today

    A brief overview of Singleview Commerce Engine – its benefits and features

  • SPECTRUM magazine, Issue II

    SPECTRUM Issue 2 | CSG International

    Welcome to the second edition of SPECTRUM magazine, CSG International’s exclusive publication for its clients worldwide.

    The purpose of SPECTRUM is two-fold: to provide you with a wide range of cable, telecommunications and Business Support Systems (BSS) content while also sharing CSG’s vision for helping you address the most pressing customer and revenue management challenges and opportunities in the marketplace.

    Whether or not you are currently a customer of CSG, you are most welcome to download this publication instantly.

  • Profiting from the Internet of Things (IoT): Above and Beyond Connectivity

    The forecasts that envision 50 billion connected devices by 2017 are staggering. Especially when you consider these forecasts are based upon counting only devices – smart phones, smart tablets, smart meters and the like – where the connectivity itself is central to the device’s function.

    This paper looks at the potential business opportunity for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) in the growing arena of the Internet of Things (IoT) and asks: what is necessary to keep CSPs profitably at the heart of M2M's rapidly evolving ecosystems? To monetize M2M, what business models are carriers adopting and what promises the greatest profit?

    It seems an evolutionary imperative for CSPs to adapt their OSS/BSS to meet the new environmental realities of the Internet of Things and jump to the top of the M2M food chain. Download the white paper to learn how CSPs can manage the data, devices, and services associated with M2M to move beyond connectivity and deliver convergent insights and enhanced value.

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    Internet of Things IoT
  • Capturing the Enterprise Market: Profit Potential in Personalization

    CSPs have long sought to serve the enterprise market with bespoke offerings tailored to the precise needs of large corporate customers. Now, with its Information Communication Technology (ICT) spend growing, the SMB market is proving increasingly attractive to CSPs keen to avoid the intense price pressures of consumer segments. But just because they are small, it doesn’t mean that they fit into neat homogeneous categories of needs. Each small business has its own unique needs – and they are business needs, not technological ones – and the CSP that can meet these needs as closely as possible will be the one that wins and retains the SMB’s loyalty.

    The provision of personalized packages, presented simply and clearly for a non‐technical audience, is no easy task. Behind the scenes, the business support systems (BSS) must have fundamental capabilities to deliver the products and services in a tailored way. Many CSPs provide personalization for their large enterprise customers, but have found it challenging for their smaller business customers.

    Download white paper for more information on how CSPs can attract and support small and medium businesses.

  • Future Networks – A Formula for Success?

    This whitepaper looks at the arrival of 4G as the last detail of the next generation network topology and asks: can the market ever reach its full potential without a fully upgraded business support systems beneath it? Can future networks work with legacy software, or will this be like dropping a Formula One engine into a family car? To monetize network capabilities, does the supporting framework need to be upgraded to racing performance?

    Advances in network technology will be wasted if they cannot be controlled and monetized by a compatible Business Support Systems (BSS). Legacy BSS platforms typically lack the power, responsiveness and agility to really put the capability of next‐generation networks onto the road. Future networks will succeed or fail on the strength or weakness of their business support platforms and without substantial upgrade, legacy BSS will collapse under the weight of 4G.

    To fully exploit your investments, CSG believes the BSS of the future will need to reflect network capabilities—more powerful, more responsive, and less rigid in how it’s applied.