Interactive Messaging

Connect with customers when, where and how they want.

Today, what defines good customer experience changes as frequently as the communication channels customers use. For some, good customer experience is a quick tweet or text reply; for others, it’s an in-depth conversation with an agent. Companies must balance the demands of different customers in a way that’s scalable, affordable and effective.

Create seamless customer experiences and make your business more efficient with CSG Interactive Messaging Suite

Our integrated, multi-channel approach gives you the flexibility and agility to not only communicate with your customers proactively, but to do so in the manner in which they prefer, including interactive voice, SMS/text, email, digital/social media, web, print and fax.

For more than 25 years, CSG Interactive Messaging has been providing global reach, sending voice (IVR), email, and SMS messages to over 168 countries around the world. CSG Interactive Messaging solutions are cloud-based and fully hosted, and integrate with many platforms you already use. Dedicated account teams are at the ready to support and grow your business.

Why CSG?

Immediate Customer Interaction

Cut costs, improve transaction efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. With Interactive Messaging, service providers can increase efficiency through automation and allow customers to self-serve. CSG Interactive Messaging employs advanced speech recognition, CTI call center integration, agent transfer, and call recording/replay/transcription to get customers the information they want, whenever they want.

Arm yourself with the ability to execute the following types of advanced automated communications to your customers:

Personalized Communications

CSG delivers an integrated solution for personalized, targeted communications. Utilize our customer-facing design tool to create your own customer communications and incorporate individual customer contact preferences into each interaction. Whatever your requirements for your particular business, each of our solutions are flexible, scalable and uniquely customized and easy to deploy.

Customer Communication Center

CSG’s Customer Communication Center provides the framework you need to deploy a centralized customer engagement strategy. This omnichannel platform allows consolidation of your outbound communications and creates automated, real‐time interactions. Our innovative platform enables you to collect consumer preference information from multiple systems – from billing to CRM to other third‐party applications – and deliver cohesive communications based on defined parameters and events real-time. Three components: Event Management, Customer Profile and Interaction Tracking, all work together to optimize your multi-channel customer communications.

CSG helps service providers achieve superior customer service and increased operational efficiency. Contact us today for effective and agile customer care technologies to fit your unique business needs.