Fraud Alerts

Stop fraudulent activity in its tracks

The rate of credit card fraud is skyrocketing in the United States, with 31.8 million consumers impacted by fraudulent charges annually. Nearly 90 percent of those victims are sent replacement credit cards, costing issuers as much as $12.75 per card, along with additional time and resources spent supporting those consumers.

Transactional Fraud Notifications from CSG International extend the efficiency, reach and frequency of your outbound data protection and control process. Our voice automation solutions combine state‐of‐the‐art technologies, including speech recognition, text‐to‐speech and interactive voice broadcast and response as well as alert messaging.

Protect customers with a simple, voice‐driven call experience that speeds response times. Suspicious activity can then be contained and the appropriate measures can be put into action to ensure account protection. Give customers the opportunity to accept the at-risk transaction, or speak to a fraud agent from the issuing financial institution.

  • Automatically message cardholders through their preferred channels concerning a suspicious activity on their credit card or other financial services account
  • Speed response times with a simple call experience that allows customers to quickly address sensitive security issues in real-time
  • Financial transactions like Equifax alerts, credit fraud alerts, and login activities
  • Deliver time-sensitive notifications, identity verification, and alerts about potentially security threats via customer preferred delivery channels including interactive voice, SMS/text messaging and email