Revenue Management

Smart revenue management is how you grow your business and increase your profits.

Whether cable operator, power utility, or communication service provider, the monetization of your transactions is crucial. CSG International helps you manage revenue throughout its lifecycle – from accurately gathering and distributing transactions to billing and managing customers – to ensure that more revenue is generated. We also provide insights and solutions that optimize operations, workflow, and efficiency so you never miss an opportunity to maximize your profit margins.

  • Cable and Satellite Care and Billing

    More than 90,000 customer service agents rely on CSG customer care and billing solutions each day to support more than 56 million North American video, voice, and data subscribers.

  • Convergent Rating and Billing

    CSG International's Singleview® suite provides a unified view of the customer through a truly convergent solution offering real-time charging, billing, and customer management from a single, core platform.

  • CSG Integrated Charging and Policy

    The only proven charging solution that offers an established Online Charging System (OCS) and Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) together in a single, integrated package.

  • Total Service Mediation

    A cost-effective solution that processes vast transaction volumes – for online mediation, offline mediation and service activation – all in one consistent framework for ease of use and efficiency.

  • Partner Management, Billing and Settlement

    A single, cohesive solution that meets all your business-to-business and partner management needs including inter-carrier billing, trading and routing, roaming, and content partner settlement.