Cable and Satellite Care and Billing

CSG Advanced Convergent Platform™ (ACP): proven, pre-integrated customer and billing management for more satisfied customers and a real competitive edge

Your customers get more demanding every day. They expect a great product and consistent, flawless service. CSG ACP gives you the ability to exceed their expectations by connecting all your customer touch points so you can provide the real-time answers they want.

At the back end, ACP’s pre-integrated approach to billing and revenue management gives you the flexibility to scale with ease. The plug-and-play design of our ancillary billing extensions means CSG handles the heavy lifting of syncing all your systems so you can focus on customer satisfaction and business growth.

For more than 30 years, the world’s largest convergent cable and satellite providers have relied on ACP for increased efficiency and agility in an ever-changing market. Many clients have been with us for decades. Each month, we process more than $3 billion in revenue across more than 56 million customer accounts, and support more than 90,000 service agents who rely on our solutions each day to help them deliver on the promise of stellar service.

CSG ACP: Giving you the power to create a loyalty-inspiring customer experience that will give your company an unbeatable competitive edge

Enhanced Sales Edition (ESE) and Product Catalog

Fast, easy, end-to-end configuration and management for complex service offerings and bundles

We know how important it is to make the most of order and offer management. CSG’s award-winning Enhanced Sales Edition (ESE) gives your business the ability to more easily and effectively define and sell offers and products to your customers. These robust features build a more unified and cohesive way of managing and defining service packages so that every department—from call center staff to marketing to billing—views these packages similarly.

For one client, CSG’s ESE:

  • Reduced average call handle times by 29 seconds
  • Increased triple play orders by 27 percent
  • Deployed the solution in just 60 days

At the heart of our order and offer management engine is the CSG Product Catalog, an easy-to-use, advanced solution that quickly implements product portfolio changes so you can counter competitor offers with immediacy and accuracy.

CSG Product Catalog controls all of the data, rules and processes associated with products, services and bundles—from initial pricing and packaging to provisioning, billing and physical inventory. Its centralization reduces the time and resources required to manage product and price changes, saving you money and getting you to market faster with more relevant offerings.

CSG Advanced Customer Service Representative (ACSR)

360-degree account visibility and access so your reps can deliver the kind of service that makes customers rave

Complaints about customer service can cripple even the strongest company. Today’s consumer is savvy and social. One bad experience amplified can affect the opinions of many.

ACSR gives your service reps the insights and access they need to quickly handle all your customers’ service requests, status inquiries, billing questions, and trouble tickets through a single workstation. More than 90,000 North American call center agents are already using ASCR to provide advanced customer care, reduce call handle times, and upsell satisfied customers.

Precision eCare

Modular, scalable, integrated self-service that reduces operational costs and provides customer convenience

Convenience is always high on the consumer wish list. From initial orders and installations to service-bundle upgrades and online payments, CSG’s Precision eCare application suite provides your customers with 24/7 web-based, self-service account management.

Pre-integration with CSG’s Advanced Convergent Platform (ACP) billing and Advanced Customer Service Representative (ACSR) call center application ensures continuity of experience and data.

More than 9 million North American subscribers access online account management and electronic billing via Precision eCare, and our associated Precision Email™ application distributes more than 85 million personalized communications each year.

In addition, CSG’s new Digital Mailbox solution gives CSPs yet another way to lower printing and postage costs by creating another channel for subscribers to receive and pay their bills—all with the click of a mouse or the touch of a smart phone!

Workforce Express

Real world solutions that increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by getting the right technician to the customer at the right time

Time is the most valuable asset – for you and for your customers. CSG’s Workforce Express® provides field service management and automation tools that optimize your technicians’ productivity and respect your customers’ availability.

This fully-integrated workforce solution, currently deployed with over 54,000 field technicians around North America, turns every aspect of your in-field delivery, installation, and service into a competitive advantage.

From the call center to dispatch to the technician, Workforce Express® makes sure you can keep your service promises.

Direct Sales Express™ (DSX)

Remote, real-time sales automation that eliminates the data risks of manual order processing and maximizes sales potential

Making the sale requires being in the right place, with the right offer, at the right time. CSG’s Direct Sales Express™ sales force automation solution puts immediate, accurate, and detailed customer and offer information at your field sales’ fingertips.

Our mobile application enables real-time updates to the main ordering database from anywhere, streamlining field-ordering processes and keeping all account information synced.

From lead and prospect management to sales force and order management, DSX improves your direct sales operations with faster sales transactions and integrated order management.

Business Reporting

Simple but powerful: timely insights that help you make smart business decisions

If knowledge is power, CSG’s business reporting suite packs a serious punch. This solutions trio – Vantage®, Vantage Direct, and Vantage Plus – gives you easy, on-demand access to all your critical customer, sales, and operational data. From acquisition to retention, it ensures you never miss an opportunity to maximize profitability through cross selling, upselling, or revenue management.

CSG’s reporting platform combines proven, certified financial and operational reports along with flexible, ad-hoc features for custom reporting and analytics. The Vantage suite has you covered – from the big picture to the tiny details.

Financial Services

Revenue processing and protection to keep your bottom line firmly in the black and growing

Even if you have the best sales and service teams in the world, you won’t improve profitability if you can’t protect your bottom line from bad debt and fraud. CSG’s pre-integrated Financial Services applications cover the bases from credit checks and Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs) to debit and credit card processing to collections and refund management.

Pre-integration with CSG’s Advanced Convergent Platform (ACP) and Advanced Customer Service Representative (ACSR) keeps all systems aligned on account status, while customers enjoy the convenience of credit and EFT payment options.

Customer Intelligence

Customer-level predictive analytics so you can stay one step ahead

Your business serves tens of thousands of people, but at the end of the day they are thousands of unique individuals. CSG’s Customer Intelligence, our pre-integrated analytics software suite, delivers the customer-level information you need to proactively grow and protect your business – one customer at a time.

Our pre-configured analytics models help you define and quantify customer value, bad debt and fraud risk, potential for account churn, and more. The experts at our customer engagement services agency can then help you develop a person-by-person action plan based on this intelligence and your business goals.