Total Service Mediation

The best of both worlds: the only proven, consolidated, cross-industry solution, and the lowest cost hardware solution for mediation

The volume and complexity of data transactions is growing exponentially and shows no sign of slowing down. To keep up, you need a mediation system with a proven capability for handling massive transaction volumes quickly, securely, and accurately. To grow, you need a solution that will scale with your business.

TSM is the only mediation framework proven to support transaction management across industries from telecoms to financial services, logistics, and government. Dependable and flexible, TSM is a cost-effective way to:

  • Reliably process vast transaction volumes
  • Quickly implement new business requirements
  • Easily meet internal and external auditing requirements
  • Consistently lower total cost of ownership and deliver a fast ROI

TSM includes two core modules – Intermediate and Interactivate – which provide online and offline mediation, plus activation.


Proven, Cost-effective, Scalable: the only mediation solution you need

With over 200 global installations, CSG Intermediate™ is one of the most trusted offline and online mediation solutions in the world. Today we process over 48 billion events per day for our top ten clients. Intermediate captures and processes customer usage events of all kinds from any service delivery network for industry leaders in telecom, finance, logistics, and government.

CSG Intermediate’s robust feature set and proven scalability make it a smart, consolidated solution that delivers long-term value and ROI. It can be deployed in under three months and is the lowest cost hardware solution available for mediation.

“CSG’s (formerly Intec’s) data mediation technology is proven for robustness and scalability in the world's largest communications companies, where it handles billing records worth billions of dollars. That gave us confidence to select this solution as part of our future Order to Cash process.” Head of OTC Optimization at DHL Express. DHL has worldwide implementation of Intermediate.

“Implementing blade technology reduced our anticipated costs of upgrading hardware by more than 65%. Our data throughput exceeds our minimum requirements by 20% or more, with no concerns about being able to accommodate future volumes.” Director of Business Solutions, Vivo


Fast, Flexible, Reliable: an activation platform that easily keeps up with demand

Keep your customers happy and connected and your costs under control with CSG Interactivate®, our carrier-grade, multi-service activation platform. Interactivate handles real-time activation for any service (including complex service bundles) on any network via any switch, router, service, or carrier.

Based on the countless scenarios we’ve worked with over the years, we have developed a proprietary and intuitive GUI interface that uses drag-and-drop service logic so you can quickly change activation workflow and business logic. We’ve also included an extensive library of pre-built BSS adapters and network session agents.

“Implementing CSG Interactivate and Intermediate has proven to be a sound business decision. At a time when demand is exploding, CSG's (formerly Intec) technology has allowed us to maintain a rapid pace of growth in subscribers and innovation, without compromising our quality standards or escalating our cost structures.” Head of Billing and Customer Care at True Move (Case Study). True Move has used the Interactivate and Intermediate modules since 2004.

“CSG's (formerly Intec) integrated platform provided us with the essential fast time to market we required, along with the long-term flexibility to deliver new products and services to the Canadian mobile customer.” CIO at WIND Mobile Canada. WIND deployed the Interactivate and Intermediate TSM modules from launch.