Total Service Mediation

The best of both worlds: proven flexibility in multiple industries and cost effective scalability under virtualization and in physical environments.

TSM's global deployments handle tens of billions of events every single day; unlocking critical revenue streams for today's digital communications and media services.

The volume and complexity of transactions is growing exponentially and shows no sign of slowing down. To keep up, you need a mediation system with a proven capability for handling massive transaction volumes quickly, securely, and accurately. To grow, you need a solution that will scale with your business.

TSM is the only mediation framework proven to support transaction management across industries from digital communications & media to financial services, logistics, and government. Dependable and flexible, TSM is a cost-effective way to:

  • Reliably process vast transaction volumes
  • Quickly implement new business requirements
  • Easily meet internal and external auditing requirements
  • Consistently lower total cost of ownership and deliver a fast ROI

TSM includes two core modules – Intermediate and Interactivate – which provide online and offline mediation, plus activation.


Proven, Flexible, Cost-effective, Scalable: the strategic enterprise mediation platform of choice

With hundreds of global installations, CSG Intermediate™ is one of the most trusted mediation and transaction management solutions in the world. Today we process over 48 billion events per day for our top ten clients alone. Intermediate captures and processes customer usage events of all kinds from any service delivery network for industry leaders in digital communications & media, financial services, logistics, and government.

For service providers with multiple systems performing different mediation functions, Intermediate offers a proven, market leading solution for consolidating mediation functions to a single strategic platform.

Intermediate supports many use cases including:

  • Offline Convergence for fixed, mobile and broadband
  • IMS Mediation and Offline Charging for IMS services including VoLTE, ViLTE, Wifi Calling/VoWifi, RCS and SIP Trunking
  • Intelligent Routing for DRA/DEA
  • Lawful Compliance for automating disclosure requests to law enforcement agencies
  • IoT Mediation for monetizing evolving IoT networks (NB-IoT and LTE-M)
  • Network Mediation for uncovering hidden customer insights from network events
  • Cloud Services for charging of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

With Intermediate, CSG provides all the features necessary to support mediation across many domains (mobile, fixed, broadband), across all mediation functions (offline, online, network), and for all deployment approaches (on premise, in cloud, licensed software, full managed service). Intermediate supports many use cases with one product.
Using a single strategic mediation layer across the enterprise not only reduces CAPEX and OPEX, but also enables faster service deployment and time to revenue.

“CSG’s data mediation technology is proven for robustness and scalability in the world's largest communications companies, where it handles billing records worth billions of dollars. That gave us confidence to select this solution as part of our future Order to Cash process.” Head of OTC Optimization at DHL Express. DHL has worldwide implementation of Intermediate.

“Implementing blade technology reduced our anticipated costs of upgrading hardware by more than 65%. Our data throughput exceeds our minimum requirements by 20% or more, with no concerns about being able to accommodate future volumes.” Director of Business Solutions, Vivo


Fast, Flexible, Reliable: an activation platform that easily keeps up with demand

Network evolution, consolidation, explosive growth of devices (personal and M2M), new applications and complexity of services/bundles requiring near real‐ time, multi‐service activation are driving the need for highly available service activation systems.

CSG Interactivate (TM) offers a broad portfolio of activation, event management, workflow and notification capabilities that can be rapidly, accurately, and cost‐ effectively delivered in any environment.

Interactivate is a fully automated platform that accommodates dissimilar networks, technologies, and vendor infrastructures. The architecture is highly scalable, and supports integration with multiple types of external systems. It provides the critical link between subscribers and services, enabling operators to rapidly launch new services, streamline processes, and raise customer satisfaction over any network— voice or data, wireline or wireless.

In addition to supporting multi-service activation and workflow capabilities, Interactivate provides the Event Management component in CSG's Customer Communication Center solution.

“Implementing CSG Interactivate and Intermediate has proven to be a sound business decision. At a time when demand is exploding, CSG's technology has allowed us to maintain a rapid pace of growth in subscribers and innovation, without compromising our quality standards or escalating our cost structures.” Head of Billing and Customer Care at True Move (Case Study). True Move has used the Interactivate and Intermediate modules since 2004.

“CSG's integrated platform provided us with the essential fast time to market we required, along with the long-term flexibility to deliver new products and services to the Canadian mobile customer.” CIO at WIND Mobile Canada. WIND deployed the Interactivate and Intermediate TSM modules from launch.

TSM Insights

Maximize the value of data with real-time insights

Communication service providers (CSPs) have experience managing vast quantities of data, critical to functional and operational applications. But new services, network technologies, regulatory requirements and business models make data collection and management more complex, costly, and time-consuming.

Simplify the complex and tap into the value of your data with TSM Insights. The solution takes data from any source, such as OSS/BSS systems, network devices, IP probes, log files, messaging/VAS platforms and social media platforms. Once the data has been ingested, it is queried and visualized via intuitive, functional dashboards. Because the data is read and processed in real-time, the visuals and dashboards give CSPs the up-to-date insight they need to make informed business decisions.

Network Mediation

CSPs have an untapped wealth of data not just in back office systems, but also across their networks. By transforming this raw data into business intelligence, CSPs can quickly provide new business insights to key areas of their organization such as marketing, OSS and network operations, customer retention and legal compliance. This data is vital to revenue generating use cases such as enabling network and service optimization, customer experience management, fraud detection and targeted marketing.

Network Mediation cost effectively correlates vast volumes of usage data from across the network (e.g. radio, core and backhaul network, geolocation servers, log files, signaling systems) and back office systems, providing insight into the customer and consumer behavior. The result: both direct and indirect impact on the bottom line, as well as increased service quality and reduced churn.

TSM Lawful Compliance

Respond rapidly to requests from law enforcement and civil agencies

TSM Lawful Compliance enables quick turnarounds of accurate data and reports needed to meet the regulatory demands of law enforcement and civil agencies for subscriber usage data in response to global crime and security threats. The CSG Lawful Compliance solution provides CSPs with the means to retain and analyze complex data, comply with national and international data retention laws and communications acts and respond rapidly to incoming requests.

Data Orchestrator

CSG Data Orchestrator expands Intermediate’s capability to process real-time events from security functions and network devices, such as routers, firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention devices, Load Balancers, packet inspection devices, SIEM, VPN Host and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection servers. Intermediate normalizes, prioritizes and measures both network and security events on a massive scale, and cost effectively from a single user console. Global service providers rely on Intermediate around the world to transform their data into actionable intelligence for each user, delivering the information they need, how they need it.