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Digital Transformation

Innovative, lightning fast speed to market, cost efficient, exceptional customer experience…all of these qualities are found in leading digital business models or they are being invested in by existing businesses building their digital transformation strategies.

Field Service Management

Consumers will have more than five connected devices in the home by 2021. For field service organizations, there’s an opportunity to support more complex jobs and deliver a connected, personalized experience that consumers expect.

Smart Cities

It is projected there will be close to 10 billion people across the globe in 2050. To manage the influx, urban planners need to think differently about how they operate, the environments they develop and the constituents they serve.

Streaming Revenue: Lessons From OTT

When over-the-top (OTT) distribution hit the mainstream, there was speculation about whether it would be the means to an end for the cable industry. The thought was that the diverse array of content, conveniently delivered to viewers on whatever device they had at hand, wherever they wanted to watch and...

Mobile World Congress 2018: Taking the Pulse of Emerging Technologies

When the leading brands, experts and nearly 100,000 others from countries all over the world descend on Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2018, they do so with a lot on their minds. It’s a new age for the mobile industry. Digital transformation in many industries is well under way and...

Getting Connected to the Olympic Games

Few events capture the collective world attention like the biennial Olympic Games. In an Olympic year the 16 days of the Games are one of the calendar’s top scheduled broadcasts – with 3.6 billion people, nearly half of the global population, tuning in for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in...

Pay-TV Providers and the Connected Home Opportunity (Part II)

In my last blog, I highlighted the findings of CSG’s recent survey about the growth of smart devices in the home and who will connect them.  Here’s what it means for the Pay-TV industry. We’ve heard the projections and perhaps you’re even one of the millions of consumers with a...

2018: The Year of Business Co-opetition, Competition and Transformation

2017 saw a great deal of shake-up in the communications and entertainment industries – with disruption rippling in from all directions. The social media era gave content offerings a face-lift in 2017, and short-form, original content provided revenue opportunities for every provider. The entrance of tech giants including Apple, Facebook...

Attracting and Retaining Cord-Nevers

While the tales of consumers ditching traditional content delivery methods are a touch exaggerated, there is evidence that those consumers - described by terms we love to hate (cord-cutter, cord-never, etc.) are growing. According to Nielsen, 13.8% of American adults last year were consumers that had never subscribed to cable...

The Power of Consistent Customer Communications

Do you remember a time when your mailbox would fill up every week with bills? You’d check the mail daily, sort through the junk and set a time every month to balance your checkbook. You’d review each bill for charges, slide a check into an envelope, and drop it off...

Survey Points to Connected Home Opportunity for Pay-TV Providers (Part I)

In the last decade, advances in mobile technology have made it easier for consumers to talk, listen, stream, record, and shop on the go, ushering in the “app mentality” that we can access goods, services and information, on-demand, anywhere, anytime. But the app mentality isn’t just confined to apps on...

CSG Recognized as a Leader in a 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant

The report is out! Gartner, Inc., one of the world's leading research and advisory companies, has released its 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Revenue and Customer Management (IRCM) for CSPs (Communications Service Providers). We are thrilled to report that CSG is recognized in the Leaders quadrant!

Creating a BYOD Strategy

This blog is part of CSG's "What's Your End Game" series, focused on best practices for developing a successful digital content strategy. Sit in any meeting, or worse - at the dinner table, and you are surrounded by a bevy of devices. The sheer volume of devices, coupled with their...