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Digital Transformation

Innovative, lightning fast speed to market, cost efficient, exceptional customer experience…all of these qualities are found in leading digital business models or they are being invested in by existing businesses building their digital transformation strategies.

Field Service Management

Consumers will have more than five connected devices in the home by 2021. For field service organizations, there’s an opportunity to support more complex jobs and deliver a connected, personalized experience that consumers expect.

Smart Cities

It is projected there will be close to 10 billion people across the globe in 2050. To manage the influx, urban planners need to think differently about how they operate, the environments they develop and the constituents they serve.

Develop Your Strategy Before Engaging the Digital Consumer

This blog is part of CSG's "What's Your End Game" series, focused on best practices for developing a successful digital content strategy. As my team and I travel the world to visit communications and entertainment companies that want to be part of delivering an any-time, any-device content experience to consumers,...

The Connected World will Redefine, well, Everything

Ironically while thinking about producing a blog on the IoT last night, I watched the movie The Circle, which paints a grim picture of what happens to the human experience when the world is full of sensors and cameras, capturing and exposing every moment of the human experience on social...

IBC 2017: A Look Back at Live Streaming Through the Years

As media, entertainment and technology leaders descend on Amsterdam for IBC 2017 to discuss the latest the latest industry innovations, CSG took a look back at the recent and powerful history of streaming. Check out more in our infographic below:

The 3Cs Your Content Strategy Needs Right Now

When a consumer wants to watch streaming video, they can choose any number of providers. When their fingers are poised over their mobile device – will your service be the one they choose? What can you do right now to get that consumer, in that moment of choice, to come...

Let’s Get Digital: Meeting Consumer Demand with Digital BSS

Digital services and connected devices are transforming how people around the globe engage with the digital economy—from spending time streaming content on tablets, to tracking steps on connected wristbands, to surfing the internet on 4G/LTE enabled smartphones. But the digital revolution isn’t just changing consumers’ lives—it is also necessitating a...

Buzz Words to Listen for at TM Forum Live

As consumers, it’s easy to take for granted just how powerful a mobile phone service is, and how consistently “it just works” when you need it to. But as anyone in the telecom industry knows, there is a world of complexity behind the scenes that makes it all possible –...

How Does Your International Voice Quality Measure Up to Consumer Expectations?

Mobile networks cover over 55% of the global population, on track to reach over 73% by 2020. But for increasingly mobile consumers, it’s not enough to just have a mobile connection. The connection has to be clear, and it has to work around the world. Mobile operators have heard the...

Survey Reveals What Millennials Expect from their Mobile Service in 2022

When you're curious about finding new technologies (or let's face it, figuring out how to use them), chances are that you turn to one group in particular: millennials. The younger generation, made up of 18-35 year-olds, seems to be always plugged into the latest trends and cool uses of their...

What the Oscars Can Teach Us About the Internet TV Customer

For Hollywood, the beginning of the year means one thing: awards season. From the Golden Globes to the Oscars, contributions in film and television are honored and celebrities put on their black-tie best. As viewers, it’s fun to spend Sunday nights speculating on which film is going to win big....