Digital Consumer

Let’s Get Digital: Meeting Consumer Demand with Digital BSS

Digital services and connected devices are transforming how people around the globe engage with the digital economy—from spending time streaming content on tablets, to tracking steps on connected wristbands, to surfing the internet on 4G/LTE enabled smartphones. But the digital revolution isn’t just changing consumers’ lives—it is also necessitating a...

Looking Ahead to Mobile World Congress: 3 Trends CSPs Face in Digital Economy

For about 80,000 people in the mobile industry, the end of February and early March is an exciting time when Mobile World Congress pulls us to Spain to immerse ourselves in the mobile experience, learning from industry experts, providers and vendors about cutting-edge trends and products.

Single-Hub for Content: Why App Stores are a Model for Cable Providers

Like many consumers, I review my card statements monthly to make sure everything is on track. Last month, I couldn’t help but notice the sheer number of content services I’m subscribed to. From Spotify to HBO Now, from Netflix to Hulu to Showtime, you name it, I’m probably subscribed to...

No Bank Account to Pay for Digital Services? No Problem!

Virtually everywhere you look, the digital world is creating opportunities for communications service providers (CSPs) to make more money on content, and also, to find clever new ways for consumers to pay for it. Particularly for younger generations who prefer to manage their finances through mobile devices than in front...