Automated Collections

In a perfect world, customers would pay their bills on time. But in reality, you need personalized invoice reminders and convenient payment options. CSG Automated Collections can help.

Effectively Collect What Is Owed

You need to expand the reach and frequency of collections activity without adding contact center head count or additional budget. And you need to meet specific cost savings goals, as well as driving a target percentage of collections without agent intervention.

CSG Automated Collections delivers extensive, multichannel, inbound and outbound alerting capabilities, saving you up to 70 percent over the cost of agent-led collections. Our automated collections solution fully integrates with your billing software, letting you provide customers with immediate payment options and secure promises-to-pay. Contact more customers and facilitate more payments within the IVR, letting agents focus on higher-value functions, such as later-stage delinquencies.


Whether used for cost reduction or for emergency purposes, the automated accounts receivable system from CSG gets results. Automate how you notify customers in real time who are delinquent or over their limit, and provide easy and immediate payment options to effectively collect what is owed.


Multichannel message delivery ensures your message is received and your customer can respond at a convenient time. Integrated multi-channel message delivery combines inbound/outbound interactive voice, SMS/text messaging, print, email and fax.

Right Party Contact

Advanced Answering Machine detection increases right party contacts over traditional dialers/live agents and ensures appropriate message delivery. Transfer qualified right party contacts to agents for additional assistance.


CSG Automated Collections securely interfaces with customer management systems for real-time or batch updates. Embedded recording is available to capture a full audit trail.


Interactive Messaging

What defines good customer experience changes as frequently as the communication channels customers use. CSG can help you balance the demands of different customers in a way that’s scalable, affordable and effective.



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