Appointment Notifications

Missed service calls are one of the most expensive parts of customer service. Idle technicians cost companies thousands of dollars every day. Confirm customer appointments in real time with CSG.

Avoid Costly Rescheduling and Missed Service Calls

CSG appointment notifications are convenient outbound automated calls or texts that let your customers choose an appointment time that works best for them. Using a voice and SMS appointment reminder system, a choice of several pre-selected service call times lets customers request alternate times. Improve efficiency and drastically reduce expenses by sending technicians to the job when the customer is ready, in response to a delivery, install order, upgrade or trouble ticket.

Minimize no-show field service appointments and reduce the associated costs of callbacks for missed appointments to improve customer relationship—a costly problem that plagues companies nationwide. Appointment notifications integrate with your workforce/service management platform to present customers with scheduling options for specific times of day. Customers can also receive updates about delayed appointments and proactively request rescheduling.

Appointment Notification Features

The appointment notification application is flexible and feature-rich. Message activity is integrated with your billing and dispatch operation processes, and all notification parameters can be modified by service managers. Real-time, web-based application reporting tools allow dispatchers to monitor message activity and appointment status on the fly.

Ensure Customer Availability

Configure notifications for day of or prior intervals, through automated voice reminders.

Improve Customer Experience

Drive customer satisfaction (CSAT) with proactive reminders of appointments and other events.

Reduce Costs

Achieve proven operational cost reductions with automated calls and messages.


Journey Orchestration

Consumers expect seamless experiences across all touchpoints with brands they do business with. Aligning your systems and processes to orchestrate conversations that are consistent and relevant to the customer’s journey—across channels—can ensure your business achieves measurable value.

Interactive Messaging

What defines good customer experience changes as frequently as the communication channels customers use. CSG can help you balance the demands of different customers in a way that’s scalable, affordable and effective.



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