Collections and Fraud

In a perfect world, customers' accounts would always be secure and bills would get paid on time. But in reality, you need invoice reminders, convenient payment options, and account security alerts.

Collect and Protect

CSG automated collections delivers extensive, multi-channel, inbound and outbound alerting capabilities, saving you up to 70 percent over the cost of agent-led collections. Our automated collections solution fully integrates with your billing software, letting you provide customers with immediate payment options and secure promises-to-pay. Contact more customers and facilitate more payments within the IVR, letting agents focus on higher value functions, such as later-stage delinquencies.

Transactional fraud notifications from CSG extend the efficiency, reach and frequency of your outbound data protection and control process. Our voice automation solutions combine state‐of‐the‐art technologies, including speech recognition, text‐to‐speech and interactive voice broadcast and response as well as alert messaging.

Manage Payment and Fraud Alerts

We’ve helped clients move over 800,000 collections calls to automation in under three months, saving them over $1 million in the first 30 days alone. And we’re committed to protecting your customers’ payment information: we’re a PCI DSS Level 1 validated service provider.

Fight Fraud

Protect against fraud with our inbound and outbound voice, email or SMS messaging alert service. Proactively notify subscribers of any activity on their card, and let them take action in real time on their mobile device. If the transaction is fraudulent, connect them with an agent who can help them with next steps.

Collect Outstanding Debt

Improve collection rate over agent calling with immediate self-service payment channels. Integrate bill pay service inbound/outbound interactive voice, SMS/text messaging, print, and email for multi-channel message delivery.

Work with a Proven Leader

CSG solution leverages proprietary software platform separating complex business rules from messaging channels, allowing for faster transaction processing. CSG has dedicated development and launch teams with years of experience with fraud use cases.


Fraud Alerts

The rate of credit card fraud is skyrocketing in the United States, with 31.8 million consumers impacted by fraudulent charges annually. Nearly 90% of those victims are sent replacement credit cards, costing issuers as much as $12.75 per card, along with additional time and resources spent supporting those consumers.

Automated Collections

In a perfect world, customers would pay their bills on time with one payment method. But in reality, you usually need personalized invoice reminders and a slew of convenient payment options.


Interactive Messaging

What defines good customer experience changes as frequently as the communication channels customers use. CSG can help you balance the demands of different customers in a way that’s scalable, affordable and effective.



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