Government Print and Mail

Paper documents aren't a thing of the past—they're part of your organization's future. CSG provides you with the documents you need to operate today—and archival services to preserve your history.

Connect with Your Constituents

Marriage licenses, voter registration cards, jury summonsall essential documents for government administration. But you don’t have the time to track down different sellers for these documents—you’ve got a government to run.

CSG is your one-stop shop for printed government products, providing print and distribution services for local and federal customers. Our print catalog spans all the specialized documents needed for running your government organization. We also work with local government jurisdictions to preserve and archive old records.

Run Your Government Better

States, cities, countiesall of these organizations rely on CSG for specialized document production and record management. We produce the critical documents needed to serve your communities, including election ballots, property tax statements, jury summons, and more. Plus, your government managers can keep accurate, secure records with our archival services.

Secure Confidential Information

Security is our top priority. We protect, manage and deliver confidential information, from the Attorney General’s office to the directors of state agencies. Our print and mail process meets ISO 9001:2008 standards, so you can be sure your information is secure.

Preserve the Past

It’s always good to have a backup. We help governments scan, digitize, index and compress records into smaller, searchable archives. And we’ll create a secure, electronic backup after we scan your files, so you always have a record on hand.

Share Your City With the World

You’re proud of the community you’ve builtwhy not share it with visitors? Use CSG’s government marketing services to create newsletters or travel and tourism brochures. We can design ads for your community on direct mail pieces, and incorporate calls to action that take visitors to landing pages with personalized offers.


CSG Output Solutions

Building relationships with your customers takes many forms—and it often takes the form of communications like bills and statements. The ability to craft, customize and streamline the distribution of these communications allows you to better foster positive customer relationships well into the future.



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