Document Composition Software

Making a small change to customer documents can be a big headache. Speed up the document design and approval process and create compelling documents with document composition software from CSG.

Make Your Message Stand Out

Your content is always changing, and your designs need to change with it. But changes don’t happen as fast as you’d like. It can take months to make a simple change to the design of a letter or email, meaning key customer and compliance information might be out-of-date.

Design print and digital documents from your web browser with CSG’s SaaS document composition platform. Use preset templates with your branding (font, logo, photography), so users always have access to the latest materials. When you’re working on a new design, view shared content in the content library and re-use existing templates for the least amount of work. Want to personalize your communications? No problem. With CSG’s content design solutions, it’s easy to add dynamic fields to any message. You can customize text and images based on preferences, behavior or demographics.

Save Time On Design

Spend less time sweating the details of document composition, and more time crafting engaging offers. We use containers for common data fields like account summary, payment options and contact details, so you can make the same information available in any print or digital document. Make your documents even more engaging with statement messaging, full color, and graphics or ad page inserts.

Eliminate Bill Shock

When customers notice a change on their bill or have questions, they call support. Reduce contact center calls by providing an explanation of changes on the bill, so there’s no confusion. Plus, our online bill presentment solutions deliver information in an interactive, easy-to-understand format, so there’s no bill shock.

Make Changes Quickly

Let departments change and test document designs whenever they want, without waiting on IT. Users don’t have to know how to code—business rules are written in plain English, so it’s clear what the impact will be when users make a design change. Users can also proof and change their documents in real time. With all documents in one place, it’s easy for key content owners to review and approve content to maintain compliance.

Use Statements as Sales Opportunities

Customers spend two to five minutes reading their statements and bills—so capture their attention while you have it. Increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities with targeted offers based on account activity. Deliver personalized messages directly on statements. Or use inserts for promotions, product or service introductions and new initiatives.


CSG Communication Builder

CSG Communication Builder is a SaaS document composition platform that lets you design print and digital documents from your web browser.



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