Healthcare Notifications

Improving patient health outcomes is your number one priority. Help your patients stay healthy with timely appointment and prescription reminders from CSG.

Build Patient Relationships

Patient health goes beyond an annual check-up or a medication pick-up. It depends on a long-term relationship where you build trust and show patients you care about their wellbeing. Regular communication and interactions with your patients helps them stay healthy before, during and after appointments.

CSG helps your patients take care of their health, even when they’re not in the office for a visit. Send voice and text notifications so they always know about their next appointment or prescription pick-up. Automated notifications let your staff focus less on routine reminders, and more on in-person patient care.

Send Important Health Notifications

CSG healthcare notifications increase patient appointment attendance so they can get the care they need, when they need it. We send prescription reminders so patients know when to pick up their medications, and surveys so you can identify areas to improve patient care.

Appointment Reminders

Make sure patients show up to important appointments with automated appointment reminders. Your staff can spend less time on the phone and more time serving patients. If patients need to reschedule, they can do it all over automated text and voiceand you can fill the empty slot with another appointment.

RX Notifications

Improve medication adherence with automated text or voice reminders. Patients can text a short code (five or six digit numbers) to enroll in the program. Let patients know the day and time their prescription is ready for pick-up, and how much it will cost. When they need to refill, all they need to do is send a text.


Send post-appointment or post-surgery surveys to learn what went well and where you can improve. Feedback arrives in real time, so you can identify common trends and learn how you can make your care even better.


Prescription Reminders

Millions of customers refill prescriptions every month. With four billion prescription refills issued in the United States every year, medical notification alerts give pharmacies an opportunity to deliver a great patient experience, increase patient loyalty and create a reliable source of revenue.

Electronic Visit Verification

Millions of Americans depend on personal and home health services from Medicaid. An electronic visit verification (EVV) system helps ensure patients are getting the care they need and reduce fraud.


Interactive Messaging

What defines good customer experience changes as frequently as the communication channels customers use. CSG can help you balance the demands of different customers in a way that’s scalable, affordable and effective.



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