Kiosk Payment Solutions

What if you could streamline the payment process in your retail stores—without needing to hire a single additional employee? CSG's kiosk solution lets you do just that.

A User-Friendly Payment Option

Your retail stores are a great place to show off your latest productsbut they’re also a great place to accept customer payments. With kiosks, in-store employees can focus on making salesand you can focus on driving bill payments.

Make it easy for customers to pay their bills on the go with CSG’s payment kiosks. Accept payment types like credit, debit, cash or check with walk-in payment centers. Customers can look up their account, check their current balance, make payments, and print a receipt. Kiosks are great for upsells tooadvertise premium offers to drive sales.

Secure, Scalable Payments

Our kiosks process over $1.2 billion in annual payments, and we make sure all transactions are secure by maintaining PCI-DSS compliance. Every kiosk delivers the best user experience, with a large screen and flat front panel that is easy to navigate.

Accept More Payments

Accept traditional and emerging payment methods, including cash, debit, credit, EMV, EFT entry, contactless payments, and more. Cash payments let you provide unbanked or underbanked customers with a convenient way to pay.

Provide a Better Customer Experience

No more wait times or long lines. Since kiosks let customers self-serve, you can reduce wait times and let in-store employees focus on making sales. Customers can visit at their convenience and choose their preferred payment option. Plus, each kiosk is ADA-compliant and accessible for all customers.

Improve Efficiency With Managed Services

Maintain and manage your kiosk units inside your companyor let CSG manage them for you. We provide a 24/7 support desk for operations and technical support, with SLAs and detailed dashboards to provided the latest updates on our services.


CSG Payment Kiosks

What if you could streamline the payment process in your retail stores—and let your employees focus more on making sales and less on accepting payments? CSG’s kiosk solution lets you do just that.



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