5G Charging

CSG’s 5G charging solution provides a cost-effective and efficient way for service providers to seize the 5G opportunity, with minimal risk and disruption to existing systems.


5G is quickly becoming a reality, with widespread deployments well underway worldwide. 5G delivers speeds up to 1,000 times faster than 4G, as well as much lower latency and the ability to support huge numbers of devices connecting to the network simultaneously. Not only will 5G deliver benefits to the consumer in terms of increased speed and allow CSPs to address different enterprise markets, but will unlock the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) and support the vast array of connected devices that will be prevalent.

In order to deliver on these ambitious goals, 5G networks and mediation systems will be fundamentally different from their predecessors in a several ways, underpinned by a number of key technologies. Cloud-based virtualization, network slicing and microservices will all be key components of the 5G equation. CSPs will need charging agility and capacity, affordable scalability, a future-proof solution and an optimized process.


CSG’s 5G charging solution fulfills the roles of both the CHF and CGF, providing offline and online mediation functionality in a single platform and handling the complexity of all the interfaces between the network and the BSS functions. CSG’s 5G charging solution services by front-ending the existing OCS and handling the new JSON/HTTP2 interfaces to the 5G network components, as well as providing the Charging Gateway Function. Choose the deployment model that works best for you—as a standalone CHF or an integrated CCS.


Support network equipment and OSS/BSS systems from any vendor. Communicate with virtually any type of equipment and systems through standards-based interfaces, with the added ability to configure proprietary protocols and message formats.


CSG’s 5G charging solution is proven in production running in virtual environments on customer premises, as well as CSG’s private cloud and public cloud environments such as AWS. The solution is also running in NFV environments in production and is the only vendor supplied charging function to be certified as “Ready for NFV” by VMware.


5G standards and use cases are still being defined. CSG’s 5G charging solution provides the flexibility for service providers to define and evolve their mediation business logic and processing as requirements become clear.


CSG 5G Dynamic Charging Function

CSG 5G Dynamic Charging Function provides a cost-effective and efficient way for service providers to seize the 5G opportunity with minimal risk and disruption to existing systems.



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