Service Assurance and Fraud Protection

Don't let poor call quality impact your customer experience—and your profit. Detect and block fraud on your networks in real-time with CSG's service assurance and fraud protection solutions.

Stop Fraud Before It Starts

Fraud costs the telecom industry more than $29 billion every year. With voice and text margins already slim, you can’t afford to pay out more for fraudulent calls and messages. On top of that, you can’t afford to lose customers to degraded voice quality issues. Proactively monitor quality, all the way from your network to the end subscriber, with CSG’s service assurance and fraud protection solutions.

Accurately test your mobile services anywhere in the world, including voice carrier testing, MO testing, SMS testing, data testing and roaming testing. Monitor critical QoS features like CLI delivery, FAS and Mean Opinion Score (MOS) in real time with our combination of active and passive testing. And go beyond detecting fraud to actively blocking it—connect the fraud detection system to the network to provision blocking requests in near-real time.

Protecting Your Networks Everywhere

CSG’s market-leading service assurance and fraud protection solutions are used by more than 150 mobile operators worldwide. Our proprietary test network covers more than 450 international mobile networks, so customers can receive and make calls, send and receive texts and establish a mobile data connection anywhere in the world. Sign up for a cloud-based SaaS model with flexible monthly subscription fees and be up and running within two weeks.

Combine Active and Passive Testing

Get the best of both worlds when you combine active and passive testing. Use active test results to train live traffic analysis, and increase the speed of live traffic analysis with active test results, available in just minutes. Plus, you’re able to find and detect more fraud by drawing conclusions from the combined data.

Don't Just Detect—Block

In the past, your fraud team had to monitor fraudulent traffic around the clock before blocking it. But not anymore. When you connect your mediation systems with our fraud detection systems, we’ll provision blocking requests for block in near-real time. All without your team having to lift a finger.

Get Help From the Experts

Fraud doesn’t sleep, and neither do we. We’ll back up your fraud team with our network operations center, and take care end-to-end service level monitoring 24/7. We’re continuously updating our fraud detection logic so you’re always getting the most up-to-date coverage. Plus, fraudsters have a more difficult time fooling logic that’s hosted off of your premises.


CSG Assure

Don’t let poor call quality compromise the customer experience—and your profits. Verify quality and detect fraud in your international voice and text traffic.

CSG Detect

Phone fraud is a nuisance for millions of consumers, enterprises and service providers. Don’t put your revenue and reputation at risk with degraded quality—use our combined active and passive testing solution, CSG Detect, to stop fraud before it starts.

CSG Digital Wholesale SaaS

The wholesale market changes rapidly, with new regulations showing up as often as new competitors. Operators need a wholesale solution that adapts as fast as the market does—CSG Wholesale SaaS



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