Digital Transformation Case Studies

How have businesses been succeeding with digital business model transformation? Check out the case studies from customers worldwide below.

Succeed With Digital Business Model Transformation

Successful digital transformation today will require a renewed focus on overall strategy and redesigned business models. Many businesses try to lead with the technology first, rather than looking at how technology will enable what and how they sell.

Before rushing forward with digital transformation, businesses need to take a step back. Who is your target customer, and what are you trying to sell them? How can digital technologies support that? If you can’t see them face-to-face, how should you interact with them? How do they want you to? Are your back-office systems resilient enough to handle increased demand for connectivity? In response, what technology do you need—both on the front-end and on the back-end—to make change happen?


Transformation Approaches

Different business models will require different approaches to digital transformation. There are three paths companies can take:

Digital Engagement

This path focuses on launching digital services to engage customers, whether it’s a mobile banking app, a streaming service, or a new chatbot. But before jumping into a new technology deployment, your customers’ demands and preferences should drive what technology you need.

Digital Optimization

This path focuses on driving down operational costs in order to increase profit margins. If companies want to offer the greatest variety of products at the lowest cost (e.g., enabling tens of thousands of offerings for an enterprise or government customer), they in turn need solutions that, while more of an investment up front, allow them to scale in the future.

Dual Business Model Transformation

This path focuses on companies’ desire to defend, protect and optimize their legacy businesses to offset revenue and margin decline. At the same time, companies also need to innovate, develop and create new business models to drive new revenue streams and profits as fast as they can.

How have businesses been succeeding with digital business model transformation? Check out the case studies from customers worldwide below, and visit our digital transformation resource page for more insights.

Case Studies

A leading global entertainment brand saw an opportunity to boost revenue through e-gifting. They turned to CSG Ascendon to help drive sales for their newly launched SVOD service. Read the case study.

A regional cable operator wanted to be able to remotely help customers during a health crisis. They turned to CSG Visual Connect to establish video and image-based troubleshooting sessions for agents. Read the case study.

A European CSP wanted to launch a digital-centric fighter brand for cost-conscious consumers. Learn how they launched their new service with Ascendon and Journey Orchestration in under eight months. Read the case study.

When a leading telco with a multi-country footprint needed a common code base across all operating countries to streamline business processes, CSG delivered the solution. Learn how they reduced operating costs and rolled out the solution without customization.

A leading Asian CSP sought to create a new entertainment hub, and chose CSG Ascendon as their internet TV solution. Learn how they were able to deliver a frictionless user experience and manage different subscriptions and pricing.

Spark New Zealand had to rearchitect its billing function whenever it wanted to launch a new product. Learn how they use CSG Singleview’s generic product model to build and bill for any product, allowing them to drive innovation. Read the case study.

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