Smart Solutions in a Smart Way
With large-scale enterprises come equally daunting and complex business challenges. CSG is in the business of simplifying the complex, and our history of mutual success with enterprise brands speaks to the power of streamlining, demystifying and applying smart solutions in a smart way.

Enterprises are an untapped opportunity for network operators

Supporting big businesses requires scalable billing solutions that can handle complex pricing models.

“The flexible capabilities of CSG’s billing system will help our enterprise business grow and evolve” – Telstra

Simplify the complex monetization of multiple services, across multiple locations and channels, sourced from different providers. CSG supports partner revenue-sharing models, complete with partner management, automated settlement and partner interfaces for understanding usage patterns and royalty payments.

Check out some of our solutions for Enterprise:

  • Ascendon – SaaS, cloud-based platform that enables a spectrum of digital services to capture consumer mindshare and brand loyalty
  • Interconnect – Manage wholesale traffic and relationships
  • Singleview – Real-time charging, billing and customer care solution for convergent markets