Logistics & Transportation

Logistics Transportation Infrastructure
CSG intimately understands that the supply line is directly connected to the bottom line, and whether your logistics are on the ground or in the cloud, you need the ability to manage them comprehensively and with agility. After all, the right infrastructure is what makes the logistics and transportation energy go.

CSG enables high-volume data collection for the world’s largest logistics companies

We understand how to simplify and streamline production of transactional documents to positively impact the bottom-line. This is where CSG solutions and services shine: from parcels—or tickets or directions—to packets. Drive better business by automating core business processes and data management.

“The ever-increasing speed and volume of transactions through our network require region-wide consistency and ease-of-use. The accuracy, performance, and scalability CSG Intermediate provides are critical to support the growing information processing needs of our business.” – Latvian Railway

With CSG expert solutions our customers were able to decrease re-deliveries by 4% with automated notifications for blind in-vehicle service provider and CSG is currently processing over 35 million sales records per month.

Check out some of our solutions for Logistics & Transportation:

  • Interactive Messaging – Inbound and outbound IVR, email, SMS/text to connect with subscribers anytime, anywhere, on any channel
  • Intermediate – Collect and manage usage data from any source
  • Singleview – Real-time charging, billing and customer care solution for convergent markets
  • Total Service Mediation (TSM) – Mediation solution enabling operators to achieve maximum efficiency with the lowest cost for all interactions
  • Work Force Express – Real-time optimized field service management that matches the right tech to the right customer at the right time