Media & Entertainment

Facilitate Dynamic Experiences
Engage. Empower. Entertain. Your customers demand dynamic experiences from their videos, streaming music, online gaming and so much more. CSG has built our brand on the ability to facilitate these experiences at the highest possible level of quality.

CSG enables our customers to put content and services in front of their customers at the right time and on their device of choice.

CSG supports more than twenty consumer apps for mobile, desktop and TV devices…and growing. Our solutions enable organizations to innovate with new services and deliver great customer experiences.

Extend consumer relationships beyond traditional distribution methods, monetize content with predictive intelligence and manage all facets of the customer experience through a single platform. Plus, get up and running in 90 days or less.

We give our customers the ability to quickly deliver and scale OTT (over-the-top) services like TV, video, music, online games and other forms of digital entertainment across new digital channels. Promote customer retention and loyalty and own the customer relationship through personalized, interactive and engaging experiences.

“The latest step we’ve taken with CSG allows us to pair the highest possible TV viewing quality with an intuitive and powerful consumer experience” – Sony Pictures

Check out some of our solutions for the Media & Entertainment industry: