Partner for Wireless Operators
Wireless technology plays an ever-growing role in the future of agile commercial infrastructure. CSG’s future-focused approach makes us the right partner for wireless operators the world over.

CSG knows speed-to-market and scalability matter.

Wireless communications is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic industries in the world. Characterized by intense competition, increasingly demanding subscribers, and constant technology evolution, the wireless sector offers immense opportunity as well as challenge.

Our end-to-end solutions are customizable and adapt quickly as new business models and opportunities emerge. With CSG, you can quickly launch the innovative wireless services customers demand. Use real-time charging, dynamic account selection options and blended service propositions to win over new subscribers.

Leading wireless operators rely on CSG solutions to deploy innovative subscriber tariff structures, convergent prepay/postpay options and enhanced revenue assurance processes.

CSG’s wireless solutions help hundreds of service providers worldwide automate processes, consolidate multiple systems, enhance revenue and realize operational efficiency:

  • We process 600 million real-time charging transactions daily for one of our leading Asian operators
  • Support over 250 million subscribers worldwide and processes more than one billion transactions monthly; and
  • Enable the top 10 telecom clients to process over 48 billion charging data records per day

“CSG allows us to offer the most innovative and exciting services to our customers.” – Hutchison 3 Indonesia

Check out some of our solutions for Wireless: