Connected Solutions
Our world is a connected one, and it needs connected solutions to keep it turning. CSG brings integrated resources together and delivers them on an individual basis to help our wireline partners succeed.

The needs of today’s customers are ever-changing – they’re always on

CSG can help you to connect with your customers anytime, anywhere, through any channel. Omni-channel customer communications and flexible, personalized solutions delivered through an integrated approach will help you deliver a unique customer experience across digital and traditional channels.

Wireline service providers can offer truly converged broadband services cost effectively. Creating integrated communication services that satisfy the diverse demands of targeted segments requires developing multiple third party partnerships and innovative bundled and blended service propositions that improve the customer experience.

CSG’s convergent mediation, charging and billing solutions can help wireline service providers with innovative service combinations of voice, data and video services, extending to triple-play and quad-play services and into evolving enterprise segments.

CSG currently serves over 175 wireline operators globally and more than 60 million subscribers of convergent voice, video and data services.

We also manage more than 200 mediation and activation customer installations worldwide.

“Adopting the world’s leading mediation system gives us confidence.” – Asia Pacific Telecom

Check out our solutions for Wireline:

  • Ascendon – SaaS, cloud-based platform that enables a spectrum of digital services to capture consumer mindshare and brand loyalty
  • Interconnect – Manage wholesale traffic and relationships
  • Intermediate – Collect and manage usage data from any source
  • Singleview – Real-time charging, billing and customer care solution for convergent markets