Automate Concept to Cash With Catalog-Driven CPQ and Order Fulfilment


As we enter the next era of multi-party digital offerings, the landscape is growing more complex. 5G’s high bandwidth and low latency will enable new, commercialized use cases while CSPs engage in an open ecosystem of co-created and co-branded services with new partners.

Driven by these developments, CSPs need a streamlined and future-ready solution to drive innovation and power outcomes. A solution that combines configure, price and quote (CPQ), order management (OM) and monetization is required to handle the complexity to deliver complex data and digital services for both consumers and enterprises.



When it comes to CSPs and the B2B segment, complexity has always presented a serious challenge. From managing a catalog of offers to configuring complex orders and pricing, to managing fall-out processes, the ordering process can quickly become a complicated process. As new 5G-enabled B2B2X business models emerge, the process will only grow more complicated.

Delivering the next generation of digital services requires managing significant complexity with both partners and customers. An inability to handle these complexities will lead to delayed, incorrect or incomplete orders which will evolve into downstream billing issues and discrepancies, ultimately resulting in customer dissatisfaction, payment delays, disputes and penalties.

B2B Challenges

While pricing varies from customer to customer, it’s a universal truth in B2B that provisioning services requires coordination across multiple internal teams and partners. Most CSPs have relied on makeshift systems and manual processes that are simply unable to scale.

When it comes to complex, individual commercial pricing, the process needs to be managed through a flexible catalog and configuration—not through millions of customer-specific products. The monetization solution also needs to be able to manage usage-based charging, recurring and one-off charges, differentiated discounting and invoicing, as well as varied reporting hierarchies.

B2C Challenges

When it comes to serving B2C customers, increasingly complex multi-play offers and co-branded partner services will need to be packaged and presented as a single, intuitive and simply priced package. The B2C segment also features higher volumes and more intricate contracts. Succeeding in B2C requires zero-touch processing and dynamic scalability.

Partner Challenges

Technological developments such as IoT and 5G are creating massive opportunities for CSPs to build lucrative partnerships and launch innovative services. CSPs can go beyond delivering connectivity—they can become digital ecosystem enablers by co-creating new services with partners and customers.

However, to be successful, CSPs must first establish partner capabilities and communities to deliver superb experiences. To attract and collaborate with partners, there needs to be a foundation of robust, catalog-driven CPQ and OM capabilities, as well as zero-touch partner onboarding, self-service and monetization.


CSG’s CPQ and OM solutions support the complex offerings that CSPs deliver to B2B and multi-play B2C segments, including enterprise and wholesale customers. Our solutions enable CSPs to launch and monetize highly complex products quickly with complete concept to cash capability.

CSG is uniquely positioned to help CSPs succeed in delivering complex digital offerings by managing the dual challenges of B2B2X relationships with both customers and partners. Once deployed, our solutions seamlessly deliver multi-party digital offerings to every customer segment with order, fulfill and bill capabilities, automated onboarding, and settlement solutions with a rich ecosystem of partners.  The landscape for CSPs is only going to grow more complex—CSG can make it simple.