Content Will Always be King, but Context is Key

Profiting from digital content is about encouraging today’s always-connected consumers to see the communications service provider (CSP) as their default go-to source of entertainment (not just communications) in a market where they don’t lack for choice.


Fortunately, CSPs bring considerable firepower to this challenge. Much of their customer base has grown up with always-on internet and a healthy appetite for web-based content, which they’re more than willing to consume on any connected device with a screen (in fact the first TV service designed for a smart watch has just launched) – and CSPs can exploit many channels to reach those customers.


They can offer consumers several ways to pay, making it easy to say ‘yes’ to premium content. And when it comes to working with content originators, many have sophisticated back office systems that can support a variety of business models for sourcing and delivery.


Making a profit from digital content calls for more than this, however – it requires the CSP to get under the customer’s skin too, and align their proposition in a way that offers them just what they need, when they’re ready to consume it – including content they didn’t know they needed until it was put before them.


CSPs face cut-throat competition from every kind of content producer, not just the ‘big beasts’ of the internet. To be successful, they must respond to the customer’s entire context – and that means not just simple demographics like age, occupation and family status, but location too– which means more than just postcode. Are they heading into work? Away from work? Is it the weekend? Are they on holiday? Overseas? Their appetite for content will vary considerably in these different situations. And what devices do they have? What device do they primarily use? What device they are currently using?


Turning digital content into profit means getting the operational framework right, for sure. But it also means going beyond these foundational capabilities and creating a great experience for the customer that recognizes their social, technical and commercial context and preferences, and turns the insight into a genuine value proposition. This is what the digital service giants get right – now CSPs need to get there too.


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