CSG Achieves Silver TM Forum Open API Certification

The role of the TM Forum in the communications industry cannot be understated. By facilitating collaboration between over 850 global companies, including communication service providers (CSPs), technology suppliers and systems integrators, the organization has been a leader in defining how software should support the complex network processes and business services needed to operationalize a communications service.

TM Forum members have defined several Open APIs that enable the open digital ecosystem and provide critical management functionality to digital services and are used by over 350 different companies. The Open APIs support the demand for simpler interoperability, costs and integration between systems, which becomes even more critical to support the integration with the increasing prevalence of complex multi-partner digital services.

CSG was an early signatory of the TM Forum Open Digital Architecture & Open API Manifesto, and has invested in the development of many of the APIs. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we have been recognized with the Silver TM Forum Open API certification, validating our commitment to TM Forum’s Open API innovation.

TM Forum Open APIs are designed to accomplish several crucial objectives:

  • Encourage and enable new partnerships—By setting standards, Open APIs make it easy to create, provide and utilize a variety of services from third parties.
  • Enable agility—A modular and reusable architecture can remove repetition and pave the way for innovation.
  • Simplify IT complexity and reduce time to market—Systems rationalization can simplify the IT estate while delivering new business solutions.

CSG’s most recent certifications under the TM Forum Open API Conformance Program include TMF 629 Customer Management, TMF 676 Payment Management, TMF622 Product Ordering and TMF 637 Product Inventory Management.

For CSG, the Silver TM Forum Open API certification allows us to help our customers seize several evolving market opportunities, including:

  • Partner Models—To succeed with 5G, CSPs will need more than just a successful deployment of the network. To fully take advantage of the superior bandwidth and latency of 5G, they will look to establish a new digital ecosystem with a myriad of partners. This will require significant business transformation, across network and business operations to bring in partners and seamlessly integrate offerings and interoperate. A standards-based approach, like the TM Forum Open APIs, standardizes integrations while cutting costs and saving time. Partners will expect exposure to Open APIs to gain access, update and exchange data for ecosystem onboarding and ongoing operations.
  • Legacy Modernization—As more organizations look to modernize their legacy stack, there will be a bigger emphasis on reducing complexity, cutting costs and enhancing service reliability. Legacy modernizations will be made significantly easier and less complex through the adoption of Open APIs. Open API certification ensures that systems can easily be integrated with other network and IT components in the CSP architecture.

CSG is committed to continual investment in Open API development and subsequent certifications. With Open APIs, we will continue to help our customers optimize, monetize and revolutionize with future-ready, innovative solutions.