How to Drive Innovation in Enterprise Telco

The B2B segment is poised for growth, but communications service providers (CSPs) need to adapt by evolving their business architecture and models to support innovation. In a TM Forum Digital Leadership Roundtable, speakers from CSG, Verizon, MTN South Africa and TM Forum discussed emerging trends in global B2B, how to develop successful B2B strategies and business models, and how ecosystems can play a role in delivering 5G and other services.
Key Takeaways

Ecosystems Will Fuel Enterprise Growth
Ian Watterson, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, APAC at CSG, noted that large, dynamic partner ecosystems will be essential for enterprise growth, with strategies that go beyond open architectures. By taking an agile approach to offers and service fulfillment, CSPs will be able to “respond quickly to market needs, bring new offers to market, create new bundles and energize growth.”

Technology Is An Enterprise Enabler
Tony Judd, MD UK & Ireland at Verizon Business Group, explained that enterprises are looking at an environment with complex charging hierarchies and interoperability issues. That why it is important to have a simplistic, predictable and adaptable I.T. Judd remarked, “It’s these types of solutions that…are fundamental foundations to our ability to build and embrace that new world.”

CSPs Can Start Adding Value to the Business Model
Priashan Pakiriy, Head of Enterprise Fixed Products and Solutions at MTN South Africa, shared how MTN SA is moving away from purely selling connectivity products and is getting involved in the customer’s business model. As Pakiriy explained, “[Customers] don’t see the value in the fact that you’ve provided a sensor. They want to know, ‘What value does this add to the business operations? How can I integrate it into my business operations?’”

Partnerships Will Be Central to Success
Barry Graham, Senior Associate at TM Forum, closed out the session with remarks that “partnership and agility are key.” CSPs serving enterprise customers will need architectures that are virtual, cloud-based and truly agile, allowing them to quickly onboard partners and create new services.

Interested in learning more about driving enterprise growth? You can register to watch the full Digital Leadership Roundtable with CSG, Verizon, MTN South Africa and TM Forum here.