Hybrid Work at CSG: A New Hope

At the beginning of Star Wars: A New Hope, Luke is at a crossroads. He can embrace the opportunity to become a Jedi Knight and learn the ways of the Force, or remain on Tatooine and live out the rest of his days moisture farming. But when a tragic event erases the only sense of familiarity he’s ever known, he embarks on his hero’s journey—a new adventure that will change the fate of the galaxy forever.

Although we don’t live in a galaxy far, far away, we, like many organizations, are at a crossroads as we dream about our workplace of the future. In response to an event that has disrupted our world, we can do things the way we have always done because it’s easier and familiar, or embrace the opportunity to embark on our own hero’s journey and embrace a new way of life.

At CSG, we’re welcoming the new world of work—including all the new people and places we will encounter on this adventure. At the same time, we’re reassessing the opportunities and offerings available for our current employees, to offer more choice and flexibility wherever they work.

The Workforce Awakens

There’s nothing like a global pandemic or other major life event to cause some introspection and analysis. Last year, many of us reframed our criteria for what we look for from an employer. Having the opportunity to work remote, cut our commute times and most importantly, spend time with family and friends outside of work—all of these intangible benefits gained new importance.

We’ve heard this loud and clear from our employees—through formal surveys and informal feedback sessions—and that has been the cornerstone of our future workplace philosophy. Over the past year and a half, our employees proved you can not only be productive but can thrive working from anywhere.

That’s why, instead of requiring employees to come into the office (with the exception of our very important on-site roles) we’re letting employees choose to work where they can work best. Whether that’s in-office 100 percent of the time, fully remote or a mix of both, our employees are empowered to choose the way of working that works for them.

Our strategy is grounded in our guiding principles and aims to:

  • Support work-life integration and employees’ diverse needs with integrity by providing flexibility and personal choice in work environments
  • Inspire new ways of working, shift mindsets around what flexible work environments can deliver, and challenge our assumptions about what’s possible
  • Amplify our impact by committing to continued delivery of exceptional results and business growth goals while reimagining what it means to be a great place to work

Read on to find how we’re bringing this experience to life.

These Are the Ways

The first way we’re bringing this change to life is by offering more choice.  CSG employees will be able to work from their home offices, one of our CSG offices or a bit of both. This flexibility allows employees to flourish in a workspace most conducive to their productivity and support each employee’s needs. This choice also extends to the hiring process—instead of looking for new talent in the vicinity of an office, we can attract the best, most diverse talent from around the world (and we already are!)

The second way we’re delivering the workplace of the future is by better enabling collaboration, virtually and in the office. We’re actively reimagining and redesigning our offices to have more open space, so when people come in, they’re making the most of the space and inventive technology available to work with colleagues. We want to give employees the workspace they need if they choose to come in, complete with a standard desk set-up, but we are also being intentional about the size of the workspace we need. For virtual meetings, we’re exploring new technology tools to allow teams to better brainstorm and work together.

The third way we’re bringing this change to life is by enhancing our culture. With 5,000+ employees around the world, we want to make sure people are connected and engaged with their colleagues. We’re currently running an internal challenge where employees can participate in wellness, fitness and togetherness activities, giving people the chance to connect with colleagues around the world and work together in new, fun ways.

The fourth way we’re delivering the workplace of the future is in our communication. We’re actively communicating with employees about what the processes are for coming into a physical location/office, who can work remotely and when, what relocation looks like and more. We’re also listening to employee feedback about what we’re doing well and where we can do even better. Finally, we’re taking an inclusive approach to communications, with global nuances based on the policies and laws in place in the countries we operate in.

Here’s Where the Fun Begins

Since rolling out our refreshed work philosophy, we’re so excited to hear employees embracing this new approach. Here’s what they’re saying, in their own words:

“I cannot adequately express my appreciation for the flexibility our workplace of the future philosophy provides. When I share this policy with others, they are dumbstruck by the level of flexibility we’re afforded at CSG!” –Chris Bisignano, Customer Operations Manager
“Giving employees the choice and flexibility on where to work is fantastic! It helps reduce the stress some of us can face when balancing work and personal life.”Fiorella Kerasiotis, Project Support Analyst Sr.

We’re also excited that our new workplace approach is getting recognized outside of CSG. Recently, CSG won the 2021 ColoradoBiz Top Company Award for Technology and Software. The publication determines its annual award winners based on their outstanding achievements, community involvement and financial performance.

But we’re just getting started. Over the coming months and years, we’ll listen to employee feedback, keep an eye on office use, and look at the state of the market and the world to keep refining our workplace of the future philosophy. And like Luke Skywalker on his adventure to become a Jedi, there might be a few ups and downs along the way. And that’s okay—it’s all part of the hero’s journey.

To invert one of my favorite Star Wars quotes: I’ve got a good feeling about this. 😊

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