Navigating the Future of Monetization, DSPs and CSPs Find a Partner in CSG

As digital transformation comes to life within organizations across the globe, processes, business models and operating procedures are being completely upended. From 5G networks to IoT-enablement, “business as usual” is no longer a set standard. Communications and Digital service providers (D/CSPs) and are embracing the evolving landscape, and exploring the revenue opportunities by offering new services in the areas of Digital Content, TV services, cloud services etc. But, the path forward isn’t always clear.


In this regard, CSG has set itself apart as a leading partner in helping D/CSPs navigate the future of business. Just recently, research firm Frost & Sullivan has recognized CSG as the market leader in ‘Interconnect & settlement’ and ‘Partner Management.’ As revenues and margins from traditional services like voice, data and messaging decline, D/CSPs are increasingly looking to partners to support the transition toward new opportunities. This recognition from Frost and Sullivan highlights the strain modern businesses are under in the age of digital transformation, and reinforces the capability of CSG’s Digital Wholesale Solution Suite to help D/CSPs manage partner transactions and networks more efficiently.


Within the wider digital services landscape, part of the challenge is the unprecedented speed with which D/CSPs need to operate in order to match customer expectations. S/CSPs often need to introduce new, digital services quickly and support new revenue-generation models with short notice. Digital flexibility, powered by the right partners across different industry verticals, becomes a key mindset that can run counter to the ways businesses traditionally operate. CSG’s Digital Wholesale Solution eases the transition by simplifying processes and enabling D/CSPs to put greater emphasis (and resources) toward building more powerful and engaging digital experiences that yield sustainable revenue.


As next-generation technologies continue to raise the bar in customer expectations and unlock new opportunities for top-line and bottom-line growth, organizations need to lay a strong digital-first foundation. Making the transition from the traditional revenue streams toward emerging business models is not a process that any business needs to tackle alone. If you’re interested in how D/CSG can help your organization usher in the future of business and support your unique needs, you can learn more about us here: CSG Solutions.


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Michelle Nowak

Michelle Nowak

Vice President, Global Solutions and Services

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