Survey Reveals What Millennials Expect from their Mobile Service in 2022

When you’re curious about finding new technologies (or let’s face it, figuring out how to use them), chances are that you turn to one group in particular: millennials. The younger generation, made up of 18-35 year-olds, seems to be always plugged into the latest trends and cool uses of their mobile services. This isn’t surprising—they are, after all, mobile natives, fully immersed and comfortable in the digital world.


While they may not all be paying the bills yet, millennials represent the future customer and revenue base for mobile service providers, so this generation will have a significant say in how mobile service evolves in the future.


When looking ahead to learn what millennials will expect from their mobile service in the future, we figured there was no better way than going straight to the source itself, polling millennials on what they’d like to see from their mobile service in the next five years.


CSG International partnered with an independent research firm to develop a study, The Future of the Digital Experience: Mobile Edition, to gain fresh perspective on millennials’ expectations for their mobile service by 2022. We polled nearly 1,000 millennials across the US, UK, Brazil and Australia, specifically to determine the answers to key questions like – where will mobile service come from in 5 years, and what capabilities are millennials looking for from their mobile service?


So what did we find out?


From personalized services to more intelligent and intuitive services, millennials have clear priorities for their mobile service in the coming years.


Millennials want mobile to become a partner to make their lives easier

From payments to home automation, millennials want their mobile service to play a key role in simplifying their lives. The desire to see mobile services make everyday transactions faster and easier rose to the top of the priority list, including, the ability for a mobile service to take action on the consumer’s behalf using Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities.


Mobile service creates an important entertainment hub

83% of millennials plan to use their smartphones to watch online video in 2022, including YouTube, TV series and movies. Our survey revealed that the ability to use their mobile service as an entertainment hub and a better video, music and entertainment streaming experience will drive additional spending, meaning that provider should focus on creating a quality viewing experience for the future.


Millennials are surprisingly comfortable providing data in exchange for more customized services

According to survey findings, a significant majority of millennials were likely to allow access to their mobile usage data to gain a tailored service offerings, entertainment recommendations, small conveniences and personalized ads. Regional differences, however, showed that global markets have different levels of concern that provider should take into account.


Find out more: download our executive summary

For more about what millennials had to say on their expectations for their future mobile service, we welcome you to review an executive summary of the findings of The Future of the Digital Experience: Mobile Edition survey, as well as individual country specific reports for the US, UK, Australia and Brazil.